We all know that I’ve chronicled how Randy Orton figures just don’t sell very well for Mattel. I’ve seen it in plenty of Tales From The Toy Aisle trips, but apparently Mattel has figured out a solution to this problem. While cases featuring 2 or 3 Ortons tend to clog pegs, Matty has decided that perhaps it’ll sell better if they ship ENTIRE cases of Randy Orton figures.

Seriously, this is not a joke. The new Walmart exclusive series, called Superstar Entrances, features WWE wrestlers wearing a t-shirt. That in itself is nothing new, as Jakks made plenty of figures like this. However, this is the first time that Mattel has really done this and they’ve made an entire series of repaints in this fashion exclusive for Walmart. The concept itself isn’t bad, but why on Earth did they ship an entire case of Ortons? Who knows, but if your Walmart is unlucky enough to get one of the Orton cases, expect to see them until the end of time.

Oddly enough, there are regular case packs as well. It seems that only some Walmarts are getting the Orton cases. Who knows why they chose to make who cases of Randy Orton, but I know it’s going to suck if he starts filling the pegs. Of course, I don’t really collect WWE Basics, so I shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Not like my stores stock Mattel WWE figures anyway, but a few K-marts around here are still choking to death on Ortons from cases where he wasn’t the only figure.

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  • Black Arbor says:

    Are you sure it’s a whole case of Ortons? Maybe they opened a few cases, people grabbed all the good ones and left Orton on the peg. The only way you’d know for certain was if you were there when they opened the case, though…

    • Newton says:

      I totally hear what you’re saying (as I’ve seen pegs full of single figures before) but apparently lots of people are seeing this and given that this is a new series with a lot of other “peg warmers” it seems highly unlikely that there would already be that sort of sell through. It’d take 5 or 6 cases to get pegs that full if there were 2 Ortons per case.

      Anywho, after doing some research apparently this is indeed a full case. These weren’t even part of the “Walmart exclusive” wave. Mattel said back at one of their last conventions that this Orton was a “live event” exclusive that is similar to the Walmart wave. But it’s ONLY Orton who was the exclusive for the live events, thus whole cases of him.

      Now the question is whether this is a mix up in shipping (again several people in different parts of the country have reported finding these cases) or if WWE canceled this as a live event exclusive and Mattel opted to ship them to Walmart since Walmart has the similar Superstar Entrance series.

      Either way, I feel sorry for anyone who ends up with these dumped on their pegs!

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