– Today is Moss Man day over at MattyCollector.com and Mattel has already apologized for the chaos. I’m expecting a pine scented blood bath and apparently so are they. It’s pretty amusing that Matty would actually release a statement ahead of time saying what a clusterfuck today’s on sale date was, before it’s even went on sale. That’s a pretty good indication of what sort of calamity you can expect this afternoon. Please stop back by here later today and tell us how your experiance was, I love to hear the horror stories (and the good ones too) so let us know.

– Speaking of Moss Man, I am going to try and pick up a second Moss Man myself (damned scalper that I am) because I’ve decided I want two Moss Men. One to be a villain and one to be a hero. Of course I won’t be too upset if I can’t score him, since I have the subscription one coming.

– One final MOTUC tidbit, my review of the DCUC versus MOTUC Superman/He-Man comic pack will be up later today. It should be up around the time that the Moss Man figure goes on sale.

– In other news, I went and saw “The Crazies” last night. I really enjoyed it. It’s not like, the greatest movie ever or anything, but it was a really good remake. There was a trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street though and… Yeah, Freddy looks lame. He doesn’t look more “realistic”, he just looks low rent. Bring back Robert Englund already.

– Traffic has picked up a bit in the past week, so thanks to everyone who’s been stopping by. Even if you haven’t posted a comment to say “hi”, I definitely appreciate all the folks who’ve been coming here from around the globe. I know that sentiment is echoed by my cohorts here as well.

– Speaking of hired help (and by hired I mean not paid at all) I’m still looking for a few good men (or sexy ladies) to help out around the site. We’ve added Lonewolf’s Pulse of the Press and Fred’s Toy Run, so if you have something you think would be a good fit for Infinite Hollywood, drop me a line.

– Celebrity Apprentice debuted last night for it’s third season. I really dig the show, mostly because it’s a good format and it’s fun to watch the celebs. This might be the best cast of celebs yet. Baffled that Cyndi Lauper didn’t get fired though. Dingbat much?

– Some interesting results thus far in our monthly poll of “Who would win in a fight?” as Pac-man still has a solid lead on He-Man. I think it might be that Pac-Man can pretty much eat anything, but maybe it’s because the premise is idiotic.

– Don’t forget that tonight is also TNA Wrestling on Spike TV. The first ever one on one match between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Should be good. (No spoilers, por favor!)

– I got my first official real high end vinyl figure this past week. I plan on trying to get the review in at some point this week. Could this be the start of a new trend? I don’t know… I haven’t opened him yet.

– Are people enjoying March of the Robots so far? I know we haven’t covered a ton of ground, but I’m trying to sprinkle a few robot posts into every week. I don’t want to beat it to death either.

– My GF and I celebrated 9 years this past week. Which is pretty incredible. That’s a long ass time. Why no ring you ask? Well, clearly I spent all my money on toys. Sad, but probably true. Bleh.

– Am I the only one baffled that Alice in Wonderland has made over 200 Million dollars already? I think we’re learning that 3-D is changing the way box office totals will be calculated in the future. I have no interest in seeing it, though.

– Alright, that’s it. Stop by and let us know how your Moss Man experiance went.

24 Responses to Randomness Moss Man Edition

  • Well I got my extra Moss Man, but couldn't snag a flocked ears version. I had it in the cart, sold out in exactly one minute. I'm guessing Mattel only had 10.

  • Nikoli says:

    I tried. I was there right at 11am (central time). And in less than 5 minutes it was sold out.
    It was in my cart and everything…
    I feel violated

  • phoenix*rising says:

    moss man w/flocked ears sold out in less than 2 mins! really!?! s'okay, i guess. i got him with unflocking… not first choice, but i know there's a lot of people out there with none, so i'm satiated, a little. glad they're upping production, but why not cut down on the max limits? i feel like our comments are like our complaints to congress; they fall on deaf ears.

  • Bummer. I was able to snag that one, but this is probably wose than even Mattel imagined. I mean, five minutes? BBTS apparently didn't even get their bunch. Having a figure sell out in less than a minute is insane.

  • Griefster says:

    Mattel is amazing! ONE MINUTE?! FIVE MINUTES?! Why even bother?

  • Chris Hunter says:

    nope no moss men for me…Matty SUCKS

  • frank says:

    Forget it!!! I bought one on EBAY for $56 (shipped. I had a PAYPAL balance of $7.50 was from something I sold so only spent $48.50)…Only spent $17.39 more if I bought from MATTY (31.11)..Considering it is a RARE and limited I say I got lucky..I guess. PEOPLE I ADVISE YOU DO THE SAME!!…Already up to 60-70 dollars

  • Yeah if I cared enough about the flocked ears variant, I would have done this. Wait until people see all their BBTS preorders canceled. That'll sting.

  • The BLAY says:

    I was able to snag to flocked Moss-Man figures
    the biggest issue with the sell out is that what would normally have been a full order was only half an order for each.
    Because they did the running change from flocked to unflocked the quantity of both was only half of what it would normally have been.
    It def. sucks for people who missed out and Mattel is apparently addressing the production quantity issues but sadly that doesnt help people who missed him today.

  • Guest says:

    Didn't know it was Daylight Savings (I'm in the UK) however I saw a 10minutes to go message from MattyCollector on FB, so I quickly got on the site 16:00 dead on, both were available. Put unflocked in my cart and when I submitted…. sold-out 16:03

    I really don't want to try again with this line; I really wanted Moss-Man, I don't want to pay ebay prices. The quantity issue is ridiculous – no one needs 10 of them, unless they are army-builder style figures.

    Truly Disappointed.

  • This one is something I see as a real blunder for Mattel. An unintentional one, but one they SHOULD be thinking about. MOTU has a huge international following. Most of those people, like yourself, aren't aware of the US Daylight savings time changes (and even if you are you probably weren't thinking about it) and Matty should have sent a notice when they were sending their other ones.

    It's a minor issue, mind you, but it's one that just shows that Mattel has so much they SHOULD be trying to keep track of and continue to flail around endlessly without accomplishing.

  • Mohamad says:

    Got both version of Moss Man and a Stratos

  • Ramone says:

    I was on 5 minutes before noon, hit refresh until (unflocked) finally came up….SOLD OUT. Hit refresh on flocked – added him to cart only to get a "your cart is empty message". Re-loaded page and added him again…same result. I did this a total of 5 times until he sold out.

    No Moss Man.

    I called customer service (both Mattel and Matty Collector). Mattel said to keep trying because it couldn't be sold out in 1 minute. (right!) And MC put me on with a manager who told me he's really sorry but they had no idea it would sell out so fast. I told him that when you heavily promote a product for 4 months you should plan to produce extra product–esp. when customers are telling you on Facebook, MC forums, and other forums that they're planning on buying.

    He had no idea what I was talking about.

    I've been able to snag every figure I wanted to get my hands on–this was the first time it was impossible to get one.

  • Henry says:

    I love this time of the month. I think that I should feel sorry when I read these battle stories, but then I remember that this is the same fandom that moaned and whined enough to get mattel to stop and change production over some ears. Then I think maybe this is some sort of revenge from mattel.

  • Wes GRogan says:

    Entirely unfair. I couldn't care less about flocked or unflocked, I just wanted to get the Moss Man as sculpted by 4H. I didn't care about Teela's rear end. People like me are getting screwed over by this just as much as the uber fans who complain about every little change. To clump me in with them is small minded and ridiculous.

  • I agree with this. I said this in my He-Man/Superman TRU pack review. I'm not sure what the point of getting more people interested in MOTUC is or even promoting it… Mattel has never even come close to reaching the amount of supply for the demand. It's been over a year now. It's pretty silly.

  • Agreed. Curious, why didn't you opt for the subscription Wes? I was on the fence, but I'm awful glad I did.

  • Rhett says:

    In and out and got both.. Yah for me. sorry to everyone else. i bought the only two ever made?

  • Wes GRogan says:

    I've had employment issues over the past year or so, trying to get settled into an actual career instead of hopping from job to job. So, ultimately, I couldn't guarantee that I'd be able to pay the money every month. Ironically, I'll be able to starting next month and they won't offer the subscription again for a few months after that. Sigh.

  • Perfectly understandable.

  • Jarodimus says:

    Not the only two, Rhett. I also got one of each. Entire process took less than 90 seconds. I apparently got really lucky. (Karma payback for getting hosed on Adora in January, I guess.)

    And before anyone asks, only the unflocked is for me. The flocked-ears version is for a friend.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Wow, Newt. You sure got you comments' worth for this post! I skipped the whole ordeal due to being on the subscription program. Got something I needed as much: SLEEP. I already had Stratos and opted not to go for Matty's minute-long flocked ears alternative. I was hoping this would help others a bit, but judging by various board reactions it was yet another catastrophe for most collectors.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Oh, and congratulations on the anniversary, btw. Nine years is worth celebrating!

  • Much appreciated!

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