Been a busy weekend and the first of many busy weeks ahead for me as I prepare to move. Always tough juggling two houses and preparing one for moving in and another for moving out. Hopefully the website won’t experiance any downtime, but if things get slow, now you know why. In the meantime, here’s some other randomness going around with some links to friends and other fun stuff.

– Recently discovered in the basement of Odeon Toys Founder Vic Machismo’s house, is this commercial for Brick Mantooth, a legendary action figure in it’s own right. Okay, actually it’s a new commercial in a parody format for the very real Brick Mantooth figure that will be coming out soon. I did a similar commercial in retro parody style for Action Jackson, a while back. I’m looking forward to the Brick Mantooth figure.

– I thoroughly enjoyed the debut episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz and have high hopes for the show. There were some issues, Mekhi Phifer mostly, and it does feel a bit like they’re trying too hard to make it an “American” thing, but hopefully it’ll round out. I’m thinking maybe some American sensibilities will help prevent RTD avoid his penchant for deus ex machina endings and the sometimes depressing tone that Torchwood took.

Bill Pullman looks to be a very interesting character and I’ve missed Captain Jack Harkness, but I wonder if they’ll cut out the overly gay nature of the character. Jack didn’t flirt with anyone, male or female in the first episode, which is quite rare. I think US audiences may have more of an issue with a lead male character who’d just as likely hook up with a guy as he would a girl (or an alien for that matter) but we’ll just have to see.

– Remember when I gave Pawn Stars & Storage Wars a hard time? Well a weekend stuck at a place with no DVR led me to watching these shows a little more. I’ve since become hooked. Pawn Stars is on like 900 channels, so I quickly acquired a backlog of taped shows to watch. It’s entertaining and relatively easy to watch. Storage Wars is actually even more fun, in my mind. I was wrong about these programs.

– Fresh off our interview with her, Tanya Tate sent along word that she’s running a cool contest where you can design her a cosplay costume. Everyone that enters gets something and grand prize gets a lunch date with Tanya herself (provided your in town for the SDCC) so check out all the details here if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

– Speaking of contests, we’ll have our own contest starting this upcoming week. Be sure to check here Monday to see all the details on what you can win. I think it’s a pretty cool giveaway and it’s going to be super easy to win.

– I have a ton of reviews to get to, but I’m sort of at a crossroads with a lot of these. Do you people enjoy reading reviews of toys that aren’t exactly new? I have a ton of figures that aren’t old enough to really be special, but aren’t new enough to find on store shelves. Stuff like Hasbro Indiana Jones, older Marvel Universe, Jakks WWE figures, etc… Are these still things people would like to see reviewed or should I just save my time? I’m still going to do some old reviews regardless, but I wanted to see if there was any interest in these 2-10 year old range items that I still haven’t busted out of the package.

– On the subject of reviews, yes I’ve heard your pleas, a review archive is coming. Right now it’s mostly me trying to alphabetize and split it into sections. This is project I should have undertook long before I literally had hundreds and hundreds of reviews. Lesson learned.

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