Power-Con was this weekend so I thought I’d give some random MOTUC thoughts. I don’t talk about MOTUC much on here, despite having most (but not all) the figures. So here goes…

– The big reveals were Slush-Head, Stinkor and a Griffon for the 2012 sub. At least, I think that’s what they were for. Stinkor looks great and given that he’s an easy repaint, I’m surprised people are as excited for him as they are. However count me into the camp that’s excited.

– Slush-Head is funny to me, because although I had several NA figures as a kid, I don’t recall a ton of the show. I kept hearing about Slush-Head, but did not remember his vintage figure. Hilariously, my buddy once bought Slush-Head at a flea market and brought him over to my house. We called him the “pickle man” and sadly in a tug-of-war where I tried to throw him into a oversized jar of pickles… He broke.

As soon as I saw the MOTUC figure, I said to myself “THAT’S THE PICKLE MAN!” and Googled the vintage figure to confirm. I’ve wondered for YEARS who the hell that figure was… Turns out it was Slush-Head. He doesn’t look perfect, because he’s missing the details on his legs, but he obviously looks similar because he helped me identify the vintage one. I need to have that pickle man again.

– The Griffon is very cool looking.

– The “bonus” reveals included another of the 30th Anniversary figures. I’ve been on the fence about getting the 30th Anniversary sub because outside of Photog and Draego Man, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like any of them. Sadly, “The Mighty” Spector just made me even less likely to get the sub. He looks out of place, even for MOTUC which will include a guy with a camera for a head. I guess I was foolish hoping for some figures that looked a bit more like some of the crazy Remco knock-offs. Also Draego Man won’t have his cool shield, which definitely doesn’t sway me to want to buy the line either.

– They also had previews of Thunder Punch He-Man and a con (but not SDCC) exclusive Sorceress. I wish I had something to say about these figures, but I don’t. He-Man looks cool… But He-Man always looks cool. I don’t know if I need another.

– They also had the Star Sisters on display and they’re pretty much done. They look horrible. Only the pink one I could even possibly find something to do with. Sadly I’m locked into the 2012 sub and I bet nobody will buy these figures off of me. The secondary market is just going to be flooded with these horrible Rainbow Bright-like toys.

You got any thoughts on the new MOTUC reveals? Drop us a line and leave us a comment!

Bonus Other News:
– I really hope to ratchet up the reviews this week. With any luck we’ll hit a couple Doctor Who reviews, as well as some other odds and ends stuff that you won’t likely see reviewed anywhere else!

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  • Rexplode says:

    I'm super happy to see Stinkor coming up. He's inexplicably one of my favorites!

    Slush-Head is also one I'm happy with which makes 5 months in a row where I'll be giddy about his arrival. It's hilarious to me that the figures from the hands down worst show (NA) are turning out to be some of the best looking MOTUCs.

    I still haven't seen good pictures of the Griffon or The Mighty Spector so I have a hard time judging them. I'll admit that I'm a little disappointed that Toyguru's mark is on yet another figure that's destined for my shelves. I'm still trying to decide as well about the 30th anniversary sub and this reveal hasn't pushed me towards it, nor has Draego Man's lost shield.

    The Star Sisters bother me a bit just based on their cost, that's a ton of money I'm going to be spending on them, but I think my wife is pretty excited about them. Maybe I'll let he review them for the site, could be interesting.

  • Spector just seems so uninspired. It's like every kid's generic first attempt at a comic book superhero in the 90's or something. With all the cool stuff out there in the MOTU mythos, you'd think you could come up with a better original character. Basically just say any sort of animal for a head and you've got a cool MOTU character. But instead we get stuff that Image wouldn't even touch.

  • plannedbanter says:

    I like the near-movie Sorceress. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm alone in enjoying the Star Sisters (actually, Richard likes them). But it makes up for the eventual Clamp Champ…sigh…

    I love the Pickle Man story, I had that happen with SOOOO many toys in my life and the sad, crushing reality of what those figures truly turned out to be is disheartening. I was pretty good about the main toy lines I owned, without the information superhighway crutch I've grown accustomed. But I really didn't know much about Transformers or G.I. Joe. They would usually become cannon fodder in wars, or robot waiters to my MOTU figures. Thanks garage sales!

  • tarbaby13 says:

    These figures look incredible– especially the STINKOR & SLUSH-HEAD—but i have a IMPORTANT question?? WHERE THE HELL IS RAM MAN!!! all these figures coming to your favorite Matty Crappy website for order and still NO RAM-MAN!!! all these cool figures even SLUSH-HEAD arrive– i'm not so keen on most of these figures because of their availibility and price range–

    I love the EVIL LYN, The SNOUT SPOUT, The SORCERESS and the two i mentioned but this is getting rediculous that they have NOT done RAM-MAN–The STAR SISTERS??? gonna pass on them…better get on the BALL Mattel i want my RAM-MAN!!!

  • Thanks for the shout out about Pickle Man on PB!

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