It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Randomness posts. I’ve got some random thoughts going on today, so you get to enjoy them. Feel free to chime in with your own random thoughts in the comments section.

– I’ve become fairly dejected towards the current toy market. Outside of a couple Captain American figures, there’s almost nothing out in stores right now that I want to buy. Anyone else feeling this way? It seems the lines I was excited about have either withered on the vine or have just gotten too darn costly. I like a few DCUC figures, but I pretty much never see them at retail and when I do, it’s riddled with issues including price. This has caused me to start collecting a bunch of offbeat stuff, including 1/6 scale figures, where I feel I’m getting more bang for my buck.

– Anything in particular people would like to see more coverage of on the site?

– How do you guys feel about Hitler figures? I realize Hitler is like the most vile person in recorded history and whatnot, but I find it strange that people on forums always feel the need to quantify that they don’t agree with Hitler. Some people even freak out when they see Hitler figures. I guess I just feel like at this point, Hitler has become such a cartoon character, parodied and used as a villain in movies/TV/comics that owning a Hitler figure isn’t something that a collector should feel ashamed about. I mean, unless you salute it at nights or something. Am I crazy?

– My strategy to have a bunch of Infinite Hollywood t-shirts made up ahead of time, in order to keep costs down and sell them at a reasonable rate was a horribly failed business plan. If you guys don’t start buying these t-shirts soon, there’s going to be a ton of homeless people wearing them. One of which, very well may be me.

– Jon Brown, Wesitron and Rob are really bringing the awesome as of late. I realize the site has become quite diverse, but that’s closer in tune to how I originally imagined Infinite Hollywood. There’s some more interesting stuff coming in the weeks ahead, so I hope you enjoy.

– The guys over at Orcca Cast are getting a new name soon, but they’ve got 50+ old episodes to listen to. I imagine they’re getting a new name because a lot of people think their podcast is about whales. Lord knows I did for the longest time. Why would I listen to a podcast about whales? The good news is that their podcast isn’t about whales at all. I feel like the guys at Orcca are the nerdy friends I wish I had in real life. That’s probably the highest compliment I can give a podcast. When I’m listening, I often feel like I’m just hanging out with the guys.

– As I mentioned on Twitter… Collectors who constantly complain about other collectors, really drive me nuts. Especially if said collectors are so loaded that they’ve lost all perspective to the plight of the “common collector”. If you have a full scale replica Millenium Falcon in your backyard, you really haven’t the foggiest clue how everybody else is getting on. These are the guys usually claiming “they’re just toys”, “if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it” and a whole other laundry list of diatribe.

I tend to believe that the majority of collectors are sensible, rational, nice folks. Sure, the loudest are typically a couple of nutballs who complain incessantly about the most obscure things. I get being frustrated at that, but I really tire of people who seemingly troll the communities for the sole purpose of touting how big their collections are, and to chastise anyone and everyone who complains. And yes, I’m aware that I’m now doing what I dislike. The irony is not lost on me. But seriously, which is worse? Complaining about issues with a product or complaining about how other people feel?

Poe has news on Mattel potentially getting Filmation rights for MOTUC. I floated the unsubstantiated rumor that this will lead to some retail exclusives for MOTU(C) in 2012 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. That reminds me, remember how awesome the GI Joe 25th was? Man, those were the days.

8 Responses to Randomness: Hitler Figures, T-Shirts, Whale Podcasts

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    The Ben 10 Ultimate Alen vinyl figures might be up your alley since the sculpt and paint has Kaiju written all over it.Hah,i am waay ahead of you in the homeless part.

  • Bill says:

    First off, sorry the t-shirt sales aren't what you'd hoped. Must be that crappy cartoon on it… Maybe next time you should use a POD service to minimize your upfront costs.

    I agree with you about no exciting product out there now action figure-wise. I like some of the Captain America stuff too, but unless I can get my hands on the Red Skull, what's the point. The Star Wars vintage line is nice too, but good like finding anything you want. If something doesn't change soon, I may (gasp!) stop collecting (again).

    I don't really want a Hitler figure, though.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Oops,i meant the HyperAlien toyline of Ben10…Well if I wanted a Hitler figure i'd get a cartoonized version like a severed hitler head on a robot body,it's like getting a Vlad tepes figure without the Dracula influence is boring and a bit disturbing.

  • Haha, it's not that I necessarily want a Hitler figure (although there are a few lines where I would take one) it's that I guess I don't understand those who are offended by them. I mean, I get it, I do, but I guess I also don't "get it". Hitler is a villain to Indiana Jones, Captain America and pretty much every other hero in modern and pulp era stuff. I guess when I think of a Hitler action figure, I see it more as that imaginary Hitler, than the "real" one. If that makes any sense.

    As to the shirts, it's definitely not the artwork. I blame my branding, haha.

    And in the future I'll do a POD type deal. It makes more sense, but I've never been one for common sense, lol.

  • I would totally buy a robot body Hitler head figure. See, now that sounds like fun to me.

    I've seen the Ben 10 vinyls. I plan on picking some up eventually. I think they'll go right in line with my Ultraman villains.

  • Rob_Mac says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I do my best. I bought my awesome Tee shirt and when I hit up the Chicago con this summer I will wear it with pride.

    And I'm with you on the figures. I went to the local Motor city con a few weeks ago and there was nothing there worth picking up. I grabbed a few tshirts and some posters, but the figures any more are just meh. The coolest figures and collectables right now seem to be the Doctor Who stuff, and that's like impossible to find at US cons anymore, which is odd because BBC USA is promoting the heck out of it. Not sure why I've see so little around. (a single card 8th doctor and a river song figure would be very nice. But no, we get Colin baker in a jester cape :-/)

    Oh Well. Keep calm and carry on!

  • I have soo many Colin Baker figures. It's like a nightmare that won't end. He's like a Fruit of the Loom Snake Eyes. Make it stop!

  • wesitron says:

    I've sort of been looking to the past ona lot of toys, filling in holes now that a lot of stuff is old or clearanced. It's much easier to take a risk on a toy that's 5 bucks now as opposed to 15 when it came out. Mostly anymore I just look for value in the things I buy, though I still can't help myself when it comes to 3.75 Marvel figures and I don't know why. I suppose when the 2012 Marvel Legends push comes I'll have to make a choice of one or the other. Still loving about everything that NECA cranks out. Keeping that competitive price tag in this climate of rising costs means a lot to me as a fan.____Robot Hitler would be fighting WW2 Captain America in a second. Regular 3.75 Hitler would be awesome in a display running away from Cap or getting his jaw busted like on that classic comic cover. It's hard for me to get offended by toys because it's mostly how you play with them or display them that gives them any kind of real character.____Thanks for having us all on the site, it's been a blast!

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