It’s time for another dose of mishmash ramblings and assorted thought-babies.

– I mentioned this on Twitter, but I have a loose Mattel Harry Potter Hagrid figure for sale. I’ll put it in the Infinite Hollywood store (perhaps with a bunch of other junk I don’t need) if I have to… But basically I bought this guy for a custom, he’s much larger than I expected and I have no use for him. I’ve never read or seen any Harry Potter books or movies, so yeah, I’m looking to get rid of him for cheap. Shoot me an offer! Or maybe if you can guess who I was trying to make a custom of, you can have him for free!

– Several reviews planned for the rest of this week, including the Doctor Who Character Building 11 Doctors set. Huzzah! These things are much smaller than I expected. I also have several wrestling figures about to be reviewed… Am I wasting my time on the wrasslin’ guys? Seems that not a lot of folks are interested in those.

– Speaking of reviews, still planning on doing an Ultraman Week, but I have so many guys at this point I want to review I’m not certain that a single week can contain it. I may just spread them out over a couple weeks and shed the moniker. We’ll see.

– When is my Figma Robocop going to ship? Grr.

– Our buddies over at Planned Banter are doing a cool contest right now. It’s pretty easy to enter and I suggest you all do it… Or at the very least listen to their podcast.

– October is just around the corner and you know what that means… 31 Days of Halloween! This will be our third year doing a variety of Halloween themed posts all month long. I already have some big reviews planned and plenty of other fun stuff. Maybe some giveaways as well. Giveaways are fun, right? You can check out some of the past years here.

5 Responses to Randomness: Harry Potter and the Half Price Prince

  • Been a reader now for a while, and I really enjoy the reviews. As to the Wrestling figures, I enjoy those too, I haven't bought one in a LOOONG while though, mostly because what both TNA and WWE put out these days is a shadow of what the business used to be.

    I think the big thing though is that most wrestling figures are pretty much the same buck with different heads. I think if you cut down the number of reviews that are virtually the same figure you'd get more mileage.

    Can't WAIT for the Doctor Who review, the set is, unfortunately out of my price range (I'm the budget collector after all) and I haven't seen it at Brick and Mortar yet. I did order the Tardis mini-set directly from the UK ($20 shipped).


  • Thanks man, good to know. You have a point about the wrestling figures, though to be fair that could be said for a lot of figures these days. I'll try to review some of the more unique ones and see how that goes, however.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Santa Claus?Also can't wait to see the figma/neca/mcfarlane comparison for robocop.

  • Haha, no but he could work for that as well.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Figma Robocop ships at DECEMBER.

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