Some randomness.

I had someone visit the blog from Dhahran, Ash Sharqiyah today. I have no idea where Dhahran, Ash Sharqiyah is and I don’t know if that’s because I went to public school or because it’s really obscure. I’m sure Google could tell me where Dhahran, Ash Sharqiyah is, but I’d rather just pretend it’s a hidden province in Latveria.

I’m getting quite pissed off that Ninja Turtle figures from a few years ago (and in some cases LAST year) are fetching upwards of $20 on Ebay. Especially when the rarer, older vintage figures are going for about the same. Please people on Ebay, stop trying to rip me off. Oh and it doesn’t cost $9 to ship everything.

Suck it USPS for legitimately raising your rates and no doubt adding to the Ebay shipping-rape-scheme.

I have no idea if I hate customizers or love them. I keep seeing incredible customs of figures I want, but haven’t the money to buy or the skill to make. I may dabble some into making some customs myself soon, but I know they’ll suck.

Anyone got something specific they want me to cover, review, etc? I’m open to suggestions.

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  • Jim says:

    Ahhhh….newton gimmick…I love your sense of humor man! lol

    So I don’t like Bale but I’m thinking of watching it with my gf this weekend along with UP. I’ll pay for up but Bale’s movie I’ll watch for free at the theatre if you catch my drift.

    Anyways, are you going to the SDCC? Mind picking me up some stuff? I’ll pay reasonable ebay prices so you can use that cash to get ebay neca turtles! 😀

  • Jim says:

    oh and by “stuff” I mean the MOTUC heman, beastman and maybe a stratos!

  • Unfortunately I won’t be making the trip to SDCC. Honestly I think a huge portion of the toy community doesn’t ever go to those events. Which is a shame since a lot of the stuff is designed for people like us.

    I’d like to go though. Maybe next year I’ll plan a trip. If so, expect tons of coverage. But for now, I’m stuck in the same boat as you.

  • What turtle toys are you looking for? As part of our upcoming move, I was considering parting with my four turtles (and splinter) from the CGI flick, as well as the four NECA turtles.

  • @Monte: Mostly Foot. There are a few 2003 TMNT figures I’m after too, but Ebay wants too much for them.

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