It’s been a while since I did a randomness, but since I’m sitting on a couple of reviews that I don’t have time to write today, now is as good of time as ever.

– Watching Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair cut promos on each other in the old school way makes me for once wish I lived in Australia. See, Hulk is putting together a tour there, headlined by him and Flair fighting a few times. It’s old school awesomeness. I hope if those two get together in TNA they fight at least once.

– Edward Norton is a weird dude. I think he’s a brilliant actor and he even pulled off a cool Hulk movie, but I saw him on Jimmy Fallon the other night and he seemed strange. I’ve heard he’s a bit of a douchebag too, but most great actors are. He spoke with Aint It Cool News and talked to them about doing the Avengers where he said:

“I’m not even sure deep inside the minds of Marvel how they are planning to string that stuff out, but I don’t think any of if is imminent, I don’t know. Things like that to me are always completely dependent on what they make of it. It’s like anything can be the crappy version of itself or the great version of itself and if it’s the great version of itself, then that’s one thing. If they don’t get it right, then I don’t know, then I think… A lot of it depends on what they come up with.”

– The Avengers is set for a May 2012 release date, and as of now, there are no official plans for a sequel to The Incredible Hulk.

– Am I the only one watching Eastwick? It’s basically Desperate Housewives with witches. It started out pretty slow but it actually managed to get kinda interesting a few episodes in. It’s mostly a fluff show and it’s clearly aimed towards women, but it’s one of the few shows I’ve picked up so far this season. With so many shows in their final seasons, I have to start watching new stuff.

– Chuck is getting some extra episodes. Chuck is one of the best shows on TV and NBC will be bringing it back a bit earlier this year and adding some more episodes. That’s a great thing because NBC almost canceled Chuck last year. Apparently NBC is now so far in the toilet that they’re willing to make Chuck one of their cornerstones. Bravo NBC, I’m more likely to watch something if you’re not always threatening to cancel it.

– I stumbled across this picture today. That’s Freddy and Jason, or more specifically Kane Hodder and Robert Englund. I had no idea Kane Hodder’s head looked like a melon. Apparently he needed no makeup as Jason. I’m a bit confused as to why Robert Englund has been replaced as Freddy Kruger though… Why? Because he actually looks YOUNGER here than Jackie Earl Haley does.

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