– Happy Earth Day people of Earth! Also happy Earth Day to you, Earth. You big rock of goodness.

– Our buddy Philip over at BattleGrip has an awesome review of Kongzilla. That’s a statue I’ve wanted for years. Except I don’t really collect statues.

– YouTube officially sucks. Anyone remember when YouTube didn’t suck?! I understand the need to protect intellectual property and such, but YouTube has really jumped the shark in the last 6 months or so. They constantly take down videos or remove the audio from videos because of copyright infringement. Look, if I make a music video of my kids to the tune of Abba, it’s not hurting anyone! Sadly Hitler is the latest victim. Chances are you’ve seen one of those Downfall parodies where Hitler goes on a rant about something, right? They’re hilarious. The fact that they work on so many different topics is what makes them brilliant… And yet, YouTube took them done. ALL OF THEM! Sadly, the only appropriate action is to make a Hitler Meme about YouTube, but since YouTube won’t allow it, we can’t. A sad, sad day indeed.

– I should also add, the company that owns the Downfall movie, Constantin Films thought they were “protecting” their movie. Except, that I can guarantee that more people have now watched Downfall because of those Hitler Memes, than any other reason. I know I was interested in the film purely after seeing a few of those YouTube films. Am I upset over lack of Hitler content?! Scary.

– There’s a new version of NBA Jam coming out for Wii. That’s pretty awesome.

– I really like the work that Sideshow is doing on their TMNT stuff. Granted, as I’ve said before I could care less about statues, but this Mouser is really impressive. Some one should totally like make an awesome toy line of the Ninja Turtles, have it sculpted by the Four Horsemen and pack it full of detail and articulation… Oh, right.

– Anybody else watching Justified on FX? I really like it, even though it’s not your typical FX weekly drama. The episodes are much more stand-alone than the other series that the network airs. I think that may cause it some issues in finding an audience, but the content is definitely quality.

– Keep voting in the poll over on the side about which cartoon you’d like to see come back. Voting has been going good, but the end of April is rapidly approaching and you don’t want to miss out!

– Some toy reviews coming later in the day. Be sure to swing back by to read those. All your friends are doing it.

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