Do you like comics? Well if you do, then here’s another Pulse of the Press from our good friend the Lone Wolf. He says the word “Kiddies” in here enough that I think he might secretly be the Crypt Keeper. Enjoy! – Newt

Okay kiddies, this is the Lone Wolf checking in again, sorry it‘s been a while, got sick, went to hospital, the usual, but now I’m back howling and barking at the comic scene. Welcome to the second installment of the Lone Wolf’s “Pulse of the Press”, where I look at a sampling of some of the current comic books out on the magazine racks today. And I must admit it’s not been a great month so far. After going through a lot… Let me repeat that, A LOT of drivel and nonsense from the comic aisles, I finally found enough to report on. Also I have a special presentation from the underground by a friend of mine named Pam Harrison. Remember that name kiddies because I think she’s on her way up in a fast way, but before the main event, let’s get to some reviews…

Dynamite Entertainment
Rob Williams (Writer)
Fabianao Neves (Artist)

Being a fan of Robocop when I got this series first issue I was timid. This property has been mishandled more than Britney Spears children. But I always thought that handled properly there is still a great story to be told here. Well guess what kiddies, we’ve found it! Williams writing should have been the script for the second movie. (although I actually enjoyed the second movie myself) It just so happens that this takes place directly after the first movie.

The interesting thing that finally decided on me opening my reviews with this title was the state of Detroit… (I know Michigan is the state, I mean the state it’s in!) Very similar to the state Detroit’s in NOW! They have to guard the food being brought in from looters. And O.C.P. has fired all of the Police officers and replaced them with E. D. 209’S. Supposedly a kinder, gentler, E.D. 209. That goes over almost as well as George W.’s I. Q. test. All the officers are taken off duty… Except Murphy (Robocop).

There seems to be an underlying reason he was kept active, (stairs seems to be the main reason, E. D. 209’s don’t do too well on stairs) But it’s of course not fully revealed yet and all of his old cop buddies consider him a “scab.” But I have to applaud Williams amazing writing. He brings the gritty edge back to the Robocop and I loved that in the original movie, and Williams nails that feeling perfectly. Nothing catches ones attention like seeing the pretty news lady get shot in the face live… Except maybe if she turns into a werewolf, oh yeah nobody cared for that. Anyway… (random Howling reference)

The artwork is quite good. Above average for sure. Neves artwork is great and jumps right off the page. You get the feel from each facial expression what said character is feeling. And anytime you can realistically draw brains getting blown out, you’re pretty good. If you’re a fan, or ever got turned off to Robocop by the mishandling, or just looking for a cool, actually relevant type sci-fi mag, this may be the one for you. I give Dynamite’s Robocop series a solid 8. If the story doesn’t run stale (not saying it will, just IF) this could be a nice long running series.

Fantastic Four Issue 576
Marvel Comics
Jonathan Hickman (Writer)
Dale Eaglesham (Artist)

Okay, Okay I’m an old school Marvel guy and really hate the direction of most (X-Men) of their (WOLVERINE!!!) properties at this point. (Seriously did anyone see X-Men#3? I had to be held back from poking my eyes out with a pencil) But again, as always I digress. I’m a lifelong FF fan. I’ve read every issue since number one. Seriously. I’m a fan. And I liked the movies which where Marvel is concerned is iffy at best. Surely Disney won’t drop… Oops never mind, they already did. But that has nothing to do with the ongoing mag. Now as soon as I say this he’ll go all weird and make Johnny Storm marry Ben Grimm’s woman… And then she’ll be a Skrull and… Wait… never mind. Suffice to say that the FF mag seems……SEEMS to be in good hands. The artwork is excellent. The price is ridiculous for the amount of content you get but Fantastic Four is a lot better than most of Marvel’s current run of series. Dale Eaglesham may draw Reed Richards and Sue Storm off-model (if you can even say there’s a model after so many different interpretations over the years), with their broad shoulders and hefty leg muscles that look like they belong on Olympic speed skaters, but when he shows the Fantastic Four in action, it’s quite a spectacular show. So it’s easy to forgive his strange depictions of the main characters (a depiction that will surely grow on us over time), when he puts the FF in high-tech scuba gear and sends them on an undersea exploration beneath Antarctica. Very few artists working in mainstream comics can so convincingly, so romantically, depict an unfamiliar landscape the way Eaglesham does in this issue, and because his characters all have weight — both physically and dramatically — it seems as if they’re interacting with these strange worlds for real.

And Eaglesham also gets to carry the storytelling burden for the entire middle of the issue, with nary a word of dialogue spoken as Marvel’s first family finds a hidden city, an assault by A.I.M., and a gaggle of aquatic beings, like shark-men and creatures from the not-so-black lagoon. He does a phenomenal job telling the story visually.

But the wordless sequences offer a counterpoint to the dialogue-heavy opening scenes. Jonathan Hickman makes the dialogue so interesting, makes the exposition seem vital, that it doesn’t feel like page after page of speechifying, even if that’s what it is. To be honest, at one point I thought to myself, this is a dense issue for a modern Marvel comic, and I looked to see that I was only on page 14 when I said that. It’s a treat to find an issue as meaty as this, and to see someone as in-control as Hickman, who can take time for heavy dialogue when needed, and yet move aside to let Eaglesham do his thing when needed.

Overall, this is another very strong issue from Hickman and Eaglesham. They’re not only doing the Fantastic Four right, they’re doing superhero comics right. This is an issue full of spectacle and conflict, thoughtfulness and surprising moments. And it’s Susan Storm’s chance to shine, even in a story where her brother shows up wearing flaming cowboy boots to the coldest place on Earth. Another Solid 8. Make mine errr uhhh Dark Horse? Anyway onto the next adventure in self loathing Marvel reviews…

The Amazing Spiderman #622
Marvel Comics
Fred Van Lente/Greg Weisman (Writers)
Joe Quinones/Luke Ross (Artists)

Okay I’ll start this off by telling you up until Spiderman 2 took a crap all over my movie going experience I was a monthly reader. As a preteen and teenager I had subscriptions to 3 Spidey titles. Web of, Spectacular, and my favorite was always Amazing. To be honest it was during the McFarlane years I really loved the mag. But now… My god what a mess. I resisted buying the last issue of a six issue run of “ The Clone Saga” (My god I thought we ALL agreed to pretend that never happened. Why in the f$#* would you re write the single WORST storyline since the spoken word became commonplace!!!!!!!) But anyway I didn’t I took a risk and got this roll of stiff toilet paper. To be honest and fair, I have no idea what’s going on here. It’s some sort of Morbius the Vampire crossover story arc. But my god, I don’t think if I backed up 15 issues this would be any good. I read the back of my shampoo bottle and was more entertained.

Something about Spidey and Black Cat, (who I know was in love with Spidey not Peter but lovemaking with the mask on…c’mon man!) getting some of Spidey’s blood back from some other supervillian I’ve never heard of and then Cat sells it to someone else cause “ that’s what she does” which leads to some vampires fighting Spidey and then Morbius getting the tar beat out of him by Spidey. Who at some point has six arms, I think that was a flashback but watching Lost (which I am the BIGGEST fan of) backwards starting at season 6 and ending with the Lost pilot would make more sense than this issue.

The artwork is some of the WORST in all of comicdom. Something between Sponge Bob and that Mighty Marvel kids cartoon they have now. Newt, take this as it’s meant be friend, but even YOU can draw better than this. Drop TNA and see if you can get a job working for Marvel. All you need is a box of half empty Crayola’s and one good eye! I jest I love TNA and as you know, you know art, but you can’t make art. Well these clowns don’t even KNOW art. Joe Quinones… Please quit… Please go away… PLEASE. And Fred, well never mind what I think of his writing isn’t appropriate to be said on the Spice network. WWE has better writers. Yeah I said that. I mean it too. But wait…

SUDDENLY! There’s a whole different story. After the maybe seven pages of content ended I figured the other 23 pages were ads. Thus I prepared to wipe and then there’s a whole new unconnected story… Written by Greg Weisman and drawn by Luke Ross. And it wowed me. Flash Thompson has lost both of his legs and he’s the big jock archetype so I was intrigued. This story was GREAT! I WAS PULLED RIGHT IN.

Sadly it wasn’t the focus of this series and the little we saw of Spidey was probably best after the horrible taste the fist story leaves in your mouth. But this was a good limited part story. Engrossing and motivational. I always liked Thompson, he was a jock goon when Peter was in high school but that character developed wonderfully over the years. And watching him go through the stages of grief, (which happens to be the title of this wonderful short) as he battles through his war wounds. (apparently he lost his legs in the war) was amazing. I actually was emotionally into it. Marvel or Mickey or whoever’s running that train wreck over there, HEAR MY PLEA’S!!!!!! Turn this series over to these two guys.

Excellent artwork and top notch compelling story. To anyone who has a physical disability, which I am going through myself, pay the obscene amount for this issue, don’t read anything until you get to “The Stages Of Grief” (I don’t truly recommend wiping with it though, that hurts, not as much as reading that crap but it hurts none the less) And read Flash Thompson’s story. Thank you ever so much Greg Weisman. You deserve better than the last few pages and panels of an overpriced roll of toilet paper. Okay here’s the score 0… and then 10. The actual issue was trash, but the diamond at the end made it worth the excessive amount of dough I paid for this rag.

Blackest Night JSA #3
DC Comics
James Robinson (Writer)
Eddy Barrows/Nei Ruffino (Artists)

Okay I’ll stick with the majors for a little longer. I wasn’t too into the whole Marvel Zombies…. Uhh I mean DC’s “ Blackest Night” in the beginning, but it truly had some cool storylines. This title is the epitome of this overly drawn out crossover Zombie rip off story arc. It’s went over very well with the fans, but it never took off with me. I’ve read a great deal of it and …. Well it wasn’t anything special. My opinion. Don’t like it…. Tough. Write me and tell me how Blackest night isn’t like Marvel Zombies, or how that one Green Lantern issue was the best ever…. I’m open to hearing your opinions. They’re wrong if they differ from mine but hey I don’t do this to read my own writing, I want to hear from you.

So anyway, JSA has always been a favorite of mine from the expanded DC universe. And I truly love the way James Robinson writes. The opening of this issue about how this Immigrant to America became such a symbol of America and what America stands for was GREAT. It’s Superman we’re talking about here by the way, and he never drops the ball. The story had me actually tearing through the pages to get to the next panel. Literally. I accidentally tore a page. But The story follows the return of the zombie Superman from previous Blackest Night stories and he goes toe to toe with whole JSA. The one line where zombie supes says “ This looks like a job for SUPERMAN!” Top shelf stuff there. The battle begins with Super girl, (Kara, Mr. Kent’s baby girl for those who don’t know) and ends with her…. Sort of. Physically anyway. Mr. Terrific does his part. And this is the next to last installment of the Blackest Night story arc. (for which I’m happy but whatever) It really builds up for a great finish. I’m hoping Blackest Night issue number 8 is as good as this one. I really enjoyed this. The artwork is your basic very average, very acceptable, DC norm.

They rarely draw outside the lines, pun intended, and a lot of their artists remind me of listening to the radio…. It all looks/sounds the same. But that’s okay. I’ve never thought DC had the best artists but they maintain a certain degree of acceptability. Nothing different here. I had to read this after that last Spiderman title so some of the blood dripping from my eyes may have made it look a little hazy but I can’t complain. DC’s artwork is the swivel arm battle grip of artwork, nothing special but it had better be there, and in this issue it is. A very solid 7.5 on the score.

House of the Muses: The Latter Days of Sappho’s of Lesbos
#3 Legacy of the 42ND Olympiad
#4 immortal Lovers
Sword and Labrys Productions
Pam Harrison (Writer & Artist)

Okay pervs, these two are from a personal friend of mine so please act like adults. (adults who love toys and comics…. Whatever) This isn’t a penthouse comic. But it is real Indy work. Which is actually my specialty. and check out what’s going on over there. GREAT stuff. And Pam’s work is in my opinion one of the crown jewels. If you’re into Greek history/mythology you will love her work. The whole sum of The House of the Muses is excellent work. As a writer she is equaled by few and her artistry is awesome as well. It’s computer art at its finest. The story follows Mnasidika of Sparta, in Harrison’s words, girl with a stolen destiny. This isn’t your average comic/graphic novel. It’s a modern day rewrite of an epic Greek Poem. And I must say this entire volume of work is epic in and of itself. If you know anything about Greek history you will know that Sappho’s writing literally drips with passion. Pam has won an award last year for this series and it’s well deserved. In issue number 3 Dika is rescued by Poseidon and ends up on the isle of Lesbos. Suffering from what she claims is amnesia her preordained destiny as an Oracle begins to manifest itself. In issue number 4 she comes face to face with someone from her past, and Dika isn’t quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Then as per Sappho’s, love blooms……

Okay I’m not going into the depth and scope of this series. If you are a history buff than you know this story, if not and your interested check this series out. It’s not going to be for everyone. I know the readers of my column and I know all you guys who come to, yeah I know you He-Man owning, Yo Joeing, star wars nerds and such, (screw you guys I’m too broke to buy the toys and I’m wearing a throwback G. I. Joe Tee, but once I did have Newt pick me up two Mer-Mans… then had to let him sell them because I couldn‘t afford it) And I know more about Star Wars than ANY OF YOU, YEAH THAT’S A DAMN CHALLENGE. My wife bought me Star Wars Trivia… I answered every question. And you you self righteous Star Wars nerds from too far back, episode 3 was AWESOME! Now if only George would just stop. I know who you are lurkers and Wolf Pack followers because I am one of you. With less money than most of you. What was I talking about? Oh yeah Pam’s Graphic novel.

Regardless you need to check out Pam Harrison’s work at Her visuals are simply amazing. The hard work and effort she puts into every aspect of her work shows. 3D Art is a hot button issue as far as comics goes and I am as some of you may know, not its biggest fan. But Pam is an expert at her craft. And I am also a well educated History buff, and Harrisons vision of a moment in time is Superb. It’s a period piece. And a damn good one, and a damn good epic award winning series, by an amazing artist and story teller. It would serve you well to check out this piece of work. A complete 10 out 10. Don’t forget to check out as well.

Well that’s all from the wounded Wolf this weak… yes I meant to spell it that way. Screw Leno… Go Coco… Blah, blah, cough, cough. If anyone missed me last week (Thanks Newt) Thank you and the rest of you who are saying “Who’s this guy?” I’ll be back again next week with another “Pulse of the Press!”

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the Pulse of the Press are the views of the writer (Lonewolf) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of, Newton Gimmick or any other contributing authors.

17 Responses to Pulse of the Press – Spider-man, Robocop and More

  • George says:

    Pam Harrison is a fantastic writer and artist! Her work is unsurpassed and she continually improves with each installment.

  • IhLoneWolfxx says:

    I agree 100% she's great one of the best unkowns out there Thanks for the support.

  • houseofmuses says:

    Thanks, guys! I'll send more readers over here to check out your review, LoneWolf, and let you know what they think. 😛

  • Crash says:

    Fantastic Four sucks! If The Fantastic Four and The X-Men had a grand epic battle, X-men would destroy you beloved Fantastic Four! I loved all of the x-men movies and understand that going from comic to movie some things would have to be changed, but i think they did an excellent job.

  • roy duncan says:

    i have been reading the house of muses books for a while now and i think pam harrison's book is a solid well done book start to finnish! but her best moment ever was singing to other guest on the villain's corner talk show! she also loves a good joke about kentucky.

  • IhLoneWolfxx says:

    interesting that you would say that being I am as big a fan of X-Men as of anything ever in comicdom, thus I hated the movies ruining my beloved X-men and Wolverine and if you were a true believer or member of the Mighty Marvel Marching Society you would hate these movies as well. You may no longer call yourself an X-Fan, so deems the Lone Wolf…….. I have read every issue of X-men back to Giant sized issue #1 and Uncanny issue #94, when Chris Claremont took over and set the comic book bar as high as it could go…. seriously EVERY ISSUE!!!!!! on a side note, I am trying desperately to get an interview with Claremont, if I do I will post it here…. and oh yeah X-men 2 and 3 sucked…..
    seriously they did, im right and guess what…. you're wrong, thanks for reading my reviews though….

  • tommym says:

    I have been reading House of Muses almost form the start. Its an intellegent well written story based on the true history of Sappho and the women around her. It depicts life as it was 2600 years ago in greece. The art work is just fantastic! Some of the pages easily good enough to frame and put on a wall. I recomend it to everyone, especially to people who love women:) tommym

  • houseofmuses says:

    Oh, my God….Roy! Shame. 😛

    Hahaha, that's what I get for letting you nutz talk me into singing on the air….

  • PIT-FACE says:

    good review of HOM! he kinda spun off in an awkward rant in the middle,lol. but some good press. i especially like the dialogue and narration that Pam writes. it's thoughtful and provoking like true to form greek epics.

  • Due East says:

    Very nice review — and very accurate! I've only read those two issues (I know, I need to read 1 and 2, I'm missing so much!) but they are great issues.

  • Due East says:

    Oh and now I understand about all of the corpse villains at DC. Thanks for enlightening me…and…people still read Spiderman?

  • Due East says:

    Lone Wolf, I was also as big an X-Men fan as you could imagine. I started with X-Men 128 and collected until Magneto removed Wolverine's adamantium. That, the price of comics and the legacy virus turned me off to print comics. I haven't bought one off the shelves, although I occasionally try to read one (I'm trying to like Teen Titans and Green Lantern, but it's hard to make sense of either of them right now. Marvel's hopeless IMO – have you read the X-Men title that has them killing each other brutally in some kind of insane alternate reality?) The Claremont-Byrne collaboration set the standard…and you're right, the movies finished them. (Why is there an X4?)

  • IhLoneWolfxx says:

    Yeah sorry about that I tend to ramble a bit, like this one time, at band camp…… errr uhhh, yeah But I ran across Pam's work and loved it. I'm a big History buff and she nails that one particular moment in time exquisitely! I love the indy scene and she's from Ky so that makes her work doubley cool. Thanks to all you guys who are fans of Pam for reading my article. Keep up the GREAT work Pam

  • IhLoneWolfxx says:

    No prob explaining the Darkest Night thing, if you weren't there from the start, Marvel Zombies… err uhmmmm Blackest Night is a little confusing. And sadly yes I do know the state of the union in X-land, sad sad sad……. Claremont and Bryne did for comics in the seventies what Stan and Jack did in the early sixties…. REINVENTED the art form! Stick with Green Lantern though, I think it's headed in the right diection once this story arc is over. That damn legacy virus by the way did for X-Men what the Clone saga did for Spidey….. crapped all over it! Thanks for the support East.

  • IhLoneWolfxx says:

    I always love my adoring public, and I know the work, time, and effort all the Indy writers, artists, and the people who produce and distribute the indy comics to the world, and now they have a voice to the masses…… me! lol.

    so says the Lone Wolf

  • Amused2bhere says:

    Wow. I guess I'm also an old-school Marvel fan (charter member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, if you can believe it). It's interesting to see the stories are still being told. This was a good review, LoneWolf. I'm glad you brought this blog to my attention over at that Lost blog. Good to see the FF being handled right, and that Flash Thompson is getting his story told tastefully. Nice to know that the world of comics still hasn't changed from its inconsistent past. Some good, some awful, and most inbetween, art comes and goes as they play the artist/writer shuffle.

  • IhLoneWolfxx says:

    Thanks for the support Amused, glad to see some of my Lost people checkin Infinite Hollywood out. See you guys on Tuesday.

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