Welcome to another wonder filled edition of the Lone Wolf’s, “Pulse of the Press.” It was an interesting week at the comic rack this week, so therefore I have some interesting things to bring you. So let’s get this party started shall we?

Green Hornet #1
Dynamite Entertainment
Kevin Smith (Writer)
Phil Hester, Jonathan Lau (Artist)

Okay, this is the story the “Great” Kevin Smith wrote as a screenplay. Which as all of us comic book fans know was scrapped. Hollywood sucks. Not Infinite Hollywood mind you, but the REAL Hollywood sucks. So as the legend goes, Kevin Smith decided to put it out as a, you guessed it, Comic Book. First let’s get the bad out of the way. At 4 dollars a pop you don’t get much content. I guess Mr. Smith doesn’t have enough money, since he’s a struggling comic book writer and all. The story doesn’t even get to the hot little Kato pictured on the front cover.

It’s obviously going to be drawn out as long as possible, because if this was a movie script, maybe seven or eight minutes MAY have passed in movie time. Looks like we’re going to have help out a up and coming relative unknown like Kevin Smith, with our four dollars a month for a long while until his story gets told. Good for him.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s focus on the good. Unfortunately for our wallets, Kevin Smith is not an unknown. (Not to mention I couldn’t get him to send me a copy when I started at Infinite Hollywood a couple of weeks back) He did AMAZING work with his vision of Green Arrow. And I’m an old school Green Arrow fan! When I found out he was a part of the new Green Hornet project I was excited. But then it was only going to cost me fifteen dollars to see his vision, now its going to cost me a lot more. That said, it’s going to cost me because I’m hooked!

Smith’s writing is of course, excellent. The story gives homage to the original Green Hornet at the very beginning. Hornet saying farewell to the original Kato, after their snappy banter during the opening fight scene, is an instant pull you in type moment. It’s obvious after the first few panels that his son will soon don the mask and fedora and battle crime in Central City. But if your wallet is tight, and other than a few of us that pretty much holds true for the U. S. as a whole, I’d say go in another direction on this one and wait for the full length graphic novel that’s sure to follow.

Once again after telling all of you to take a pass, I must tell you that the artwork is fantastic. For a relative unknown such as this Kevin Smith guy, getting Phil Lester and Jon Lau must be some kind of a comic book coup de tat. Both of these guys are top notch established artists, and it shows. Green Hornet has that ultra-realistic look to it. Amazing work, a pretty girl is pretty, a Kato kick to the face looks like it hurts, etc. etc.

The Artwork and writing are what you would expect from this collaboration. I really wish (and believe me I had to think VERY, VERY, VERY hard before I uttered this god forsaken phrase) that this would’ve been made into a movie. Damn that tasted terrible in my mouth, well in my words. I’ve got a written deal with some Mafioso guys I know that if I ever SAY those words aloud to instantly kill me, and I’m sure they have my house bugged, even the shower, so I had to write it. A movie format would have just been easier to pay for. I give Green Hornet #1 a 6 overall. Not for bad content or artistry, but for lack of content versus price.

It’s really a steal… Your money gets stolen and Kevin gets richer. Sad because I really like the guy but screw your fans and the voice of the people, me, will howl at you about it. Nuff said.

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose
Broadsword Comics
Jim Balent (Writer)
Holly Go Lightly (Artist)

Okay I love to go from one extreme to the next so here’s my indie pick of the week. This a mature title to be sure. Broadsword’s flagship title, Tarot. Yes there is full female nudity, yes there is A LOT of it. But this isn’t a Penthouse comic. Far from it. While I’m on the subject it’s time for my rant… Nudity. In This case it’s done classy. No hardcore pornography or anything, but a lot of the time, the witches, demons, faeries and such run around sans clothes. Good stuff as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes the story just works better that way. I read a lot. A LOT. Like I said earlier I read hundreds of comics per month, maybe even more. I’m constantly re-reading old stuff. Right now I’m in the midst of re-reading X-men from the beginning.

After re-reading all of those something really jumped out at me. Storm gets naked A LOT. It’s never really shown, but you really get the feeling over the years that her and Wolverine have been friendly bed mates many a night. Rouge, and Psylocke too, but Storm loses her clothes left and right. And of course you never see her in all her Goddess glory but you get close. And the way she was drawn back then, by the gods, I wanted to see her! That’s where I bring this rant back to Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose. Although Tarot s breast are 44 double D‘s and Storms are… Oh, right back to my point.

Actually I think this is the second run of this series but I’m not for sure. I have every issue. Even have a couple of different covers for more than a few of them. I love Jim Balent’s writing and his Artistry as well. And the beautiful Holly G. brings her assets to the table in this volume of work. Tarot is a story that a lot of the times is told panel by panel in the artwork. The women are all beautiful, but as in this issue, some also horrifying. The eight legged, sexy as hell Spider demon from a past issue, still creeps me on, or turns me off, or something. It was cool regardless!

An ancient Dragon Witch has returned to the Mortal world to find out why they are still hiding in the shadows as opposed to ruling. She happens to be an Ice Dragon and can chill a man’s blood to ice literally. Of course she’s shown (at first) as a naked beautiful blonde walking lightly on the snowy , frozen, ice covered streets of Salem. She soon shows her true self, and I’ll be damned if that winged, horned tail Beauty isn’t just as hot the naked blonde, even her Dragon form is sexy err uhh you know if, you were a dragon.

Anyway, back to the story at hand, our Heroine, one of the most well drawn, huge breasted women, Tarot has to save the day. Is she up for it? Buy it and find out damn you, but I wish the battle lasted longer and more of Tarots armor had frozen off. It all did?! Damn! What a great Comic… And the writing’s excellent. Boy I’d like to write with Jim, hint hint wink wink…

Any who, it’s a GREAT comic, mature if you believe nudity is worse than violence… Ridiculousness I say… After getting a few issues I backtracked to the beginning, the VERY beginning and I want some personalized work Balent… Okay, okay, I’ll buy it. And you can too, start here and check it out guys. You won’t be disappointed!

Well that’s it for this week. Jim Balent, Holly, give me a email damn it. Pam, Tell’em how great I am… And be back here next week. I’ll update you on my latest issue of House of the Muses and a lot more. Go out, buy a comic, read it, support your local comic book store and all that stuff.

So Sayeth The Lone Wolf!

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