You may remember that early last week I wrote a piece on the Backyard Legends of Yore action figure line from ToyGiant (Formerly Working Class Villains) and promised some updates when they came along. Well that time is now, as Tony of ToyGiant has sent us some photos and details on the upgrades. The new and improved elbow joints are being created for the Prince of Crystal. What does this mean? Simply put, the long and winding road to having 6 inch Crystar inspired action figures is growing shorter.

The new joint system is something that ToyGiant hopes will be able to revolutionize the “homebrew” toy industry. Tony’s concepts are very vivid and they all start at the drawing board. There he had to re-imagine some simple solutions to complex problems that had been plaguing the production of the Prince of Crystal. Thus far it looks like this solution will be the key that unlocks a much more hasty production without the hiccups that previous attempts have had.

Unfortunately it’s not an easy process. Some of the original parts were lost with previous mold makers. That means remaking molds and making new “master molds” in case any parts break during the process. The entire thing is laborious, but the end result is being able to reproduce a variety of parts to begin production of the figures. The hope is to get all the investors figures shipped soon and have some Prince of Crystal figures to sell at PowerCon in September.

The only way to get 100% fit of parts was to mold around existing parts

The only way to get 100% fit of parts was to mold around existing parts. Here new master parts are getting ready to be removed from the mold.

Tony is working overtime to get those orders completed and to make a few extras to sell. Here’s hoping that we’re able to get our grubby little mitts on one!

New forearms removed from the embedded master bicep parts.

New forearms removed from the embedded master bicep parts.

The entire process has taken quite a bit of time to figure out. Likewise, having to remake parts and create new molds has slowed the Prince of Crystal down. Thankfully, with that has come a slew of improvements. The new elbows and knees will also come along with overall better production. One of the perks of figuring out the kinks is having a better, sturdier, finished product.

The new joint system will be incorporated into some the Alvis Underground products. ToyGiant has a few collaborations in the works and improving the joints on one the Alvis Underground conversion kits is just the beginning. Tony is hopeful that his new parts will help foster an explosion of creativity in this sect of the industry. So will we be seeing the Prince of Crystal on our shelves soon? Only time will tell. Be sure to keep checking here and visit the new ToyGiant Facebook page for more details.

3 Responses to Prince of Crystal Updates

  • Bigbot says:

    Can someone explain to me how it’s possible to make figures of a property that Marvel owns the rights to?

    • Newton says:

      These aren’t Crystar figures. They’re just very similar. It’s also an underground toy line. So very small quantities. It’s nit like you’re going to see these at Walmart.

  • Bigbot says:

    I guess that’s what it comes down to. Too small for Marvel to bother to do anything, or more like those Third Party Transformers.

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