I haven’t bought a lot of 1:6 scale stuff in my time in collecting. I have dabbled a few times, but I’ve rarely considered myself too serious about it. In the weeks ahead I’ll be reviewing more 12 inch figures, however, in a variety of sizes, brands and price points. Today I’m looking at a figure from a brand I’ve passed up dozens of times.

Power Team Elite
World Peacekeepers
Navy Seal Night Operation
12 Inch Scale
By: M&C Toy

Power Team Elite are essentially a secondary store brand, with these figures usually popping up during the summer and sometimes before Christmas in those chains. Most often they can be found at Big Lots, though occasionally other stores do carry them. Interestingly, I’ve bought Power Team Elite stuff at the 1/18th or 3.75 inch scale. Typically I bought them for the accessories or vehicles. While the accessories were always good, the actual action figures were just decent at best and usually were tossed into my fodder bin. I always assumed that the larger 12 inch Power Team figures were of similar quality, but what I’ve come to learn is that the 1:6 scale Power Team Elite figures are some of the best toys in that scale readily available on the market.

The packages are pretty simple, with a large window box. You can see the figure and most of his gear pretty plainly from the shelf, though some of it may be obscured. It’s designed to look like camouflage, but it definitely looks less like army fatigue camo and more like deer hunter camo.

Oddly enough the back of the package features pictures of the other figures in the series and a bunch of vehicles and accessories that rarely hit our shores. Many fans want to get their hands on some of these sets, including the 1:6 scale horse, helicopter and hovercraft, but rarely if ever get the chance. It’s another part of the mystery of these figures.

While the Power Team stuff has been out for a while, it wasn’t always this great of quality. Figures from a few years back had less articulation and weaker head sculpts. The figures that they’ve put out in the last few years however, are all pretty good.

Immediately you’ll be struck by the head sculpt. It’s of a pretty generic guy, but he’s got a great sculpt. Also, of note, is that these characters change in certain packages. So you may find this same outfit and trooper, but be treated to a different head sculpt.

Power Team figures are a bit gargantuan, at least in comparison to Hasbro’s GI Joes. Of course Hasbro’s figures are actually known as some of the smallest in the genre, so maybe Power Team isn’t so big at all. Regardless, they can co-mingle well enough, especially if you bend the Power Team figure’s knees just a bit. Because these figures wear clothes, you can’t really tell that the knee is slightly bent and in an instant they’re essentially the same scale.

The cloth outfit is quite nice, though nothing to write home about. The fabric is a little different than what I remember my 12 inch figures coming with as a kid, but it seems durable enough. In this case the outfit is plain black and pretty generic. The boots are a mid grade rubber and seem fairly stable.

He also comes with a large rubber vest that can be snapped on. The vest features shotgun shells painted into the holsters and it definitely has a cool look to it. This looks like something a SWAT team member would wear, but it works well for a night operation Navy Seal as well.

The back of the vest has a spot for a gun, though it looks like a breaching shotgun should go there. I suspect you could fit his included gun in that holster, but I doubt it would look very good. This was probably reused from a set where an actual shotgun was included.

There’s a tag underneath the clothes in the form of a sticker on the body. It actually says this was made in May of this year. I’m not sure if this tag is telling the truth or not, but if this entire thing was made in May, then it had an incredible turn around time because these things usually hit US shores in June.

Even the older Power Team figures had pretty good articulation, but they weren’t super impressive. The ones that have come out in the last few years though, offer up one of the best basic bodies on the market in terms of poseability. Of course Hot Toys’ various True Types and a few other companies have better bodies, but on this end of the budget it’s hard to beat what’s offered by the folks at M&C Toy.

This dude is loaded down with articulation and being more of a collector of 6 inch and below figures, I was shocked to see just how articulated this guy is. More specifically, there are some unique elbow and knee joints that work quite a bit differently than anything I’ve seen in the smaller scale. They’re double hinges, but the bottom half of the hinge has a separate swiveling peg joint to give it an increase range of movement. That peg is protected by the knee and elbow caps. Pretty neat.

This leaves our Navy Seal with a wide variety of poses affordable to him. I did notice that a couple of the joints were a little loose, especially one of the aforementioned peg elbows, but I don’t know if that is common or just as a result of the twist ties that held him in. It’s not too loose for play or posing though.

The range of motion in all the parts are really good, especially the neck. This allows you to replicate a ton of lifelike movements with just a subtle tilting of the joint. Very cool for adults and probably just as neat for kids. I do wonder how well these points of articulation could hold up to a youngster, but I suspect it’d fare alright.

One of the big reasons people love 1:6 scale stuff is the accessories. People who collect at this scale do more accessorizing than any other scale. Since Power Team is a budget line, you’d think they might skrimp on accessories.

That’s not really the case, however. You get the aforementioned vest, a semi-automatic gun, an extra clip and holder, night vision binoculars and a ski mask.

You also get a pistol with laser point scope, a detachable scope for the larger gun, a leg holster for the pistol and a knife with holder and belt. It’s a pretty nice display of stuff. My knife was a bit warped. That said, your hardcore collectors probably don’t like the basic black guns with an average level of detail, but for kids or guys like me who don’t care as much about the weathering on a gun will find these quite satisfactory.

Even if your an accessory snob, you’re bound to find a thing or two on this guy that’s useful.

Additional Notes:
Technically this figure is a good guy, but with the all black outfit and ski mask… Well he sort of looks like a terrorist.

Nothing wrong with that, in my view. Kids need bad guys too. In fact I specifically bought this figure because he seemed like a bad dude.

TEN FREAKING DOLLARS! It’s almost hard to believe that I got a 12 inch super articulated figure with cloth accessories, great head sculpt and a ton of other accessories for $10. It’s pretty much unheard of today and really, it’s pretty unheard of since the 1970’s. I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet that can say anything other than this is one of the best values on the market today. I used to steer clear of these guys because I assumed the body underneath the clothing was rubbish, but that’s just not the case.

Also, looking at a figure like this, it become increasingly hard to justify Mattel’s $20 Mego figures. How does it cost more money to produce something with less accessories, less size and articulation? Licensing fees just can’t be it. Truth is, M&C Toy is just making a smaller cut off the profits. That’s the dirty little secret. They make less money than we see from the bigger companies and thank goodness for that, because the product is incredible for the price.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Ski Mask, Vest, Gun, Pistol, Scope, Night Goggles, Knife, Belt, Extra Ammo
Value – 10
Overall – 9 out of 10

This is a really brilliant figure. I could easily have given it an even higher grade, to be honest. It’s just a damn good toy. When you look at the articulation, accessories and price point it’s hard to deny how good this guy is. The only thing I can really hold against him is that he’s sort of a bland character and may not appeal to a lot of people as a result.

If you’ve thought about picking up some of these Power Team guys, but never have, I totally suggest that you should. They offer way more bang for your buck than most of the toy companies out there today and they’re some of the best bodies and figures available at this scale without resorting to importing.

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5 Responses to Power Team Elite: Navy Seal Night Operation Figure Review

  • Wes says:

    When they make a female Power Team Elite figure, I'll be allllllll over it. Still, thanks for the review and info on the line! Did you forget to note the hip articulation in the diagram?

  • Actually they do make a couple females, but apparently they're really rare. That said, yes I totally goofed on the hips. They have swivel hinges there with a pretty wide range of movement as demonstrated in a few photos.

  • Wes says:

    I figured as much regarding the hips! And if you ever see an extra female amidst your travels, please remember your old pal Wes. 😉

  • cindy carlson says:

    I have several of these guys! Lucky me! Price point is unbelievable and the very best looking AA male I have ever seen, from any line, is even now being fought over by all of my girls!!! Sadly the guys are only around at Xmas time, for $10.00!!! I RUN to BigLots in November and even more now-I think AA good looking twins are coming to my house in 2011. These guys equal anything else available and are far more handsome, in my opinion! dogsR etter

  • markus says:

    perso , j’ai beaucoup de power team , j’en fais des customs flocage des cheveux etc…….
    j’aime beaucoup comme personnage , l’armement est plutôt pas mal .

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