Most of this website focuses on the “born in the 80’s” perspective view on pop culture. That means things like GI Joe take center stage and Pokemon has no place here. However, one property that hit towards the mid to late 90’s but still caught the attention of some of us 80’s brats was Power Rangers. To me and most, Power Rangers hit after most of us were growing up and couldn’t care less about the show but we did take notice on a few things.

Ask anyone who fits the typical 80’s mold and they’ll probably tell you three things about Power Rangers, first, Kimberly the Pink Ranger was HOT. Second, the Green Ranger was pretty cool and third (which ties into this review) Lord Zedd was a awesome bad guy.

Power Rangers hit at a strange time and more of less changed the landscape of kids television. While for the most part cartoons were already dying out with GI Joe and Transformers drying up (coinciding with the fact that most of us kids were entering our teens, thus had less time for cartoons and toys) that opened the floodgates for Haim Saban to pump in an import show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Aside from the wacky name, early advertisements for the show made it sound really cool. I even have the Fox Kids Club magazines to prove it!

However, when the show hit, it wasn’t exactly what I had expected. I was led to believe that this was Godzilla meets Ultraman meets Voltron meets Transformers… Instead it was bad dubbing and cheap suits. I quickly ignored Power Rangers.

When Lord Zedd came around though, all that changed. I can distinctly remember when I first got hooked on the Zedd Power Rangers. Lord Zedd debuted on a prime time Power Rangers special. I had barely seen the Rangers aside from a little glimpse here or there, it wasn’t my thing. However my younger cousins were into it. At a visit to my Grandfather’s house I just happened to catch this prime time special and Lord Zedd debuted.

Immediately Zedd hit me as awesome. Not only did he have a cool menacing look, but he beat up all the Power Rangers on his first night. He upgraded their enemies and even banished Rita Repulsa. Lord Zedd instantly seemed way too cool to be on Power Rangers and got me hooked on the show. I know I’m not alone in this. Zedd was so fearsome in fact that parents were outraged and flooded Saban with letters and phone calls to take him off TV.

Lord Zedd was actually too badass for television. Thankfully Saban didn’t take Zedd off of TV, but they did tone him down. Lord Zedd was eventually tricked into taking a potion from Rita and calmed down and married her. Even once Lord Zedd was toned down, he was still really cool and gave me another reason to drool over the Pink Ranger. I’m inclined to talk more about the awesomeness that was Zedd including his hilarious brother in law Rito Repulsa, Goldar’s comparisons to Destro or his personal Zord Serpentera. This serpentine Zord was so massive that it could literally crush the Ranger’s Zords underfoot and had the power to destroy whole planets. However, Serpentera’s distinctive flaw was that it used up energy so quickly that it could only be used for short periods of time.

However, I have a toy review to get to, so just know that Lord Zedd was cool. He had that Cobra Commander, Skeletor or Megatron quality about him and that’s why even though I am a far from a Power Rangers fan, I loved the Zedd era of the show. So that’s why today I’m reviewing the “Super Legends” version of Lord Zedd.

The packaging for these Super Legends figures is a interesting bit. It’s a standard cardback but it’s very large and very bland. That’s to match the original packages of Might Morphin Power Rangers figures. However, these were released alongside Power Rangers Jungle Fury figures, which means they looked out of place. When I saw this figure on the shelf you could tell the stocker clearly had no idea where to put the toy, because this package looks nothing like anything else that was on the shelves at the time.

The back of the package is plain and advertises the Jungle Fury figures as well as the other Super Legends figure, the Green Ranger. I give Bandai credit for making the package reflect the original show’s figures though, even if it probably led to a lot of these being shoved in the wrong spots. It definitely made them stand out.

The last Lord Zedd was released in 1994, which makes me feel REALLY old, but in 14 years a lot has improved in the way of articulation, so has this figure improved? Yes and no. Zedd actually lacks one articulation point that his previous figure had, but overall he’s got more to offer. The original Lord Zedd could turn his head, but this one has no head movement. A ball jointed neck would have made this guy the Bee’s knees.

The rundown is as follows, he has ball jointed shoulders (sort of a pin-post style), hinge elbows, true ball jointed legs, hinge knees. That’s not much, but it is a considerable improvement over some of the other Power Ranger offerings. Their articulation has always been all over the place. I remember some of the early Power Rangers fingers having the first I had ever seen of articulated fingers, while others only had a couple of cut joints.

So while these aren’t up to standards set by other toy lines, this is quite adequate for Lord Zedd. It’s not like the guy ever did much anyway. Stand around and point his staff. It’s hard to fault them for only including a handful of moving parts. Plus he’s more versatile than his 14 year old counterpart. PROGRESS!

The best part of the figure is the sculpt. No, it’s not a Four Horsemen classic. However it does look a lot like Lord Zedd. Certainly a better Zedd figure could be made, but they really captured the face and body of Zedd well. I never thought the original Zedd figure was so way off model until I looked at it next to this guy. His skin is nicely muscled and his brain is exposed and well curved.

Looks right from the side.

The metal skeletal structure is represented as well, with one minor exception which I’ll get to in the paint section. He also has his vein hoses in all the right spots. The original figure had them more random, which in a way looks better, but this is more show accurate. Zedd wears his skeleton on the outside it would seem. The face mask is really what’s important and that has been done perfect. I do think the Z on the top of his head could be a bit better though. The original figure actually has more accurate Z placement on his “crown”.

For whatever reason, on the old show you would see Zedd from the side a lot. So one of the incredible things about this figure is that from a side perspective he looks just like he did on the original program. It’s a minor thing that only true fans would notice, but it really makes this guy feel right. However one not so cool note is that Bandai uses metal screws that do sort of stick out and are obvious. Thankfully they fit right in with Zedd’s design but I know it could be ugly on other characters.

The paint is actually really well done except for one area, his back. The back of his torso isn’t painted. That’s a real letdown because it’s sculpted all well, but none of it is painted. I can’t imagine that they really saved much money by not painting the back of his torso. Thankfully the backs of his legs and arms are painted.

14 years of Zedd!

Overall the figure’s sculpt is good. The original figure albeit off model, also had a very menacing sculpt. That makes this figure better, but not perfect. Somewhere between the two is an ultimate Lord Zedd.

Zedd comes only with his staff. Since that’s all he really needs, I can’t complain. However, I don’t have his original figure’s staff handy but I believe it too was more accurate. Zedd’s staff had a diamond tip shape at the bottom and that is missing here. You won’t notice it and it doesn’t matter in the grander scheme of things, but for perfectionists it is to note.

All said, the original staff may have been more screen accurate but this one is sculpted much better. The staff works well in his hand and because it doesn’t have a tip at the bottom it’s easy to slide into his grip. I do wish he had swivel wrists so that he could hold his staff sideways. There are even two smaller indentations for grips on the staff that look like it was made for it to be held sideways, but he can’t do that.

The original Lord Zedd figure featured a slightly goofy but somewhat accurate light up feature. That was always a bit of bummer on the original figure because although Zedd did glow a few times on the original show, it really wasn’t needed on the figure and hurt that figure’s sculpt. Thankfully that accessory isn’t present here.

Additional Notes:
I really like Lord Zedd. Both the figure and the character. Coming in at a little over 5 inches he fits in perfectly with the original Power Rangers figures and is about the same size as his original figure. I actually have never owned a Ranger, so make of that what you will. He does look cool commanding some evil space aliens though.

Lord Zedd at the International Bad Guys & Tractor Trailor Expo.

Zedd would fit in with just about any toyline as a villain. You don’t have to be a Power Rangers fan to enjoy this guy. It’s a shame that these Super Legends figures are so hard to find. If you’re looking for another villain to add to your classic villains shelf this guy couldn’t hurt.

I believe I paid $7.99 for him, which is a decent value. Lord Zedd ranks right up there with my all time favorite villains so I’m glad I picked this one up. Hell, it goes to show you something when the last time I bought a Power Rangers figure was 14 years ago when the original came out. The character is worth the price. However he’s hard to find and expect to pay about $15-20 for him on Ebay. An enterprise so evil that Zedd himself could run it!

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Staff
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

Lord Zedd is awesome. Having a figure of him is awesome. Zedd is one of only a handful of Power Rangers characters that is completely American. Basically, most of the Power Rangers stuff is just dubbed over Japanese crap. In essence most of the American redub characters suck. Zedd though is completely all American and he was actually the coolest character in the damned show’s history. How’s that for ironic?

Lord Zedd… Nuff Said.

Lord Zedd is pretty cool because he appeared in 8 versions of Power Rangers including both movies (I still contend the original movie would have been much cooler if it’d been about Zedd instead of Ivan (Sn)Ooze), hell he even had a son who appears in some of the current Power Rangers shows. You definitely need a Lord Zedd. Buy him to support America! Embrace everything Lord Zedd… Except that one scary fan fiction porno where Zedd has his way with the Pink Ranger. What? You know you read it. Just try and forget it and focus on the awesomeness that is ZEDD!

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  • Hero_UK says:

    I came close to owning a Lord Zedd 14 years ago. I went into TRU with my cousin who said he had the money to give me for the figure. When it got the point of paying at the checkouts he changed his story. We ended up being escorted out by the manager and accused of shoplifting.

    In any case. That’s an interesting review. Lord Zedd certainly is a unique character to the Power Rangers universe and an individual creation too. Nice to see an image of The Peckster also.


  • GENICA says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Anonymous says:

    I think there may be a 4″ variant coming out for the wave 2 or 3 2010 Power Rangers line. Great review thanks for the info!

  • Anonymous says:

    I just got the 4 inch version and the whole backside (legs included) is unpainted! Lazy cost-cutting.

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