Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Time Life DVD

Up until now the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have never had a complete DVD release. There were some compilation VHS tapes sold throughout the 90’s, but nothing ever complete. Fans who wanted to see every episode of the show would have to watch bootlegs taped off of TV, where the show has been shown on a few different channels in different forms.

But Time Life has stepped in and hopes to fill that void with it’s complete 40-DVD, 338 episode set of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This has the whole seven seasons up through Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and includes all the seasons with the “original” cast. Take a trip back in time when we all wanted to have Kimberly as our girlfriend.

Exclusive Red Ranger figure

Although I liked Power Rangers well enough, that’s not why I’m writing about this DVD release. Time Life has teamed up with Bandai to produce a special exclusive action figure for the release. Time Life knows how to do DVD releases, as they always go above and beyond for their big box sets, but this is the first time I recall them using an action figure promotion.

Unfortunately, the figure is an odd one. It’s the Red Ranger in the Green Ranger’s armor. I don’t recognize that from a particular episode, but maybe it was one I missed. Still the idea of an exclusive figure is cool. However the figure looks to be the same semi-crappy Bandai releases we’ve seen in the states for some time. It would have been much cooler to have a FiguArts exclusive. Hopefully this means more action figure promotions in the future from Time Life, though!

Still if you’re a big Power Rangers fan and want to see them in the best quality available, with tons of bonus stuff including the figure, you can order it from Time Life for Zordon’s price of $220!

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5 Responses to Power Rangers Comes to DVD with Exclusive Figure

  • Wes says:

    Hmm… that's kind of a crappy exclusive, seeing as how that assortment was actually sold in stores — and was fairly easy to find later on at Ross and the like.

    I'm inclined to think those figures are still kinda cheap on the aftermarket, but I hesitate to check eBay to find it. Depressing, man.

  • Oh wow, you're right. So much for it being an "exclusive" figure. I don't like the big arms and little heads on these guys. Maybe they'll tweak it for the DVD release, but I doubt it. I don't recall seeing those figures, but I kinda stopped paying attention to MMPR figs a while back.

  • revsears says:

    It was from an episode, I think it was a multiparter where the green ranger was losing his powers.

  • Ah, been a long time since I seen that saga.

  • FoxZerro says:

    It was the episode where Tommy and Jason had to work together to capture the Action Figure Transport Zord… aka the Brontosaurus Zord. They were fighting so Zordon sent them to tame the Zord or something and when Tommy got hurt he gave Jason his shield so he could finish the job… Wow I hate that I remember that

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