Well Michael Crwafords’s POPPIES are finally up. I must say I’m pretty underwhelmed. When the People’s Picks came out, I was surprised but figured that since MWCToys gets a lot of international fans that their votes were just different. Then the final Poppies results seem to generally reflect the same thing.

What the what? I get some stuff, like saying Hot Toys is the best toy company, though I generally think that’s a bit far fetched (how many people own a Hot Toys toy anyway? I mean really. Toys so awesome you can’t afford them!) but I digress. Those are decisions I can live with. But why is Kilowog the best BAF? He seems totally underwhelming to me.

But Marvel Universe Iron Man as the best 3 3/4 figure? WTF? He’s a good figure, no doubt, but the best? I don’t understand how that figure won a clean sweep. I don’t hear people talking about that figure. Snake Eyes, now that’s a figure I saw people fork over big money for, but MU Iron Man? Not so much.

Oh well, the people have spoken. I think maybe the people were drunk, but they have spoken. In case you’re curious what I voted for, I revealed my picks a while back MY PICKS and while they are admittingly a little biased too, I like my votes a little better than some of the eventual winners. Maybe next year I can talk some sense into the Academy.

3 Responses to Poppies Final Thoughts

  • DrNightmare says:

    Nightmare agrees entirely with this post 😀

  • Paul says:

    I don't get the Hot Toys loving. Sure with unlimited funds a company can make the greatest toys ever. It's what comes out of compromising cost, what collectors want, and what kids want that is the true test of a toy.

  • That's why I voted for Hasbro. To me, I'm happy with the price versus value I get with the bulk of their products. I think Hot Toys makes some neat stuff, but I think you're right, when you're talking best overall company there should be other factors that are a much bigger part of the puzzle.

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