Play Wreck-It Ralph at Infinite Hollywood

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph won’t hit theatres until Novemember 22, but after unveiling the first full trailer last week the movie has huge buzz. In the film, a Donkey Kong like 8-bit villain gets tired of his life as a bad guy and wants to become a hero in the world of video games. Although the film isn’t by Pixar, but rather Disney’s larger animation studio, it looks to have all the charm of Pixar when they are at their best. Cameos from famous game icons like the Pac-Man ghosts and Bowser just add to the fun and give it a Roger Rabbit-like quality.

Infinite Hollywood Wreck-It Ralph Game Review

But Wreck-It Ralph isn’t a real game. Or at least it wasn’t. Disney have now unleashed the “iconic” video game version of Ralph to the world! The game is playable for free right on the Wreck-It Ralph Website. Technically the game is called Fix-It Felix and it’s all about your time as Felix, trying to fix Ralph’s destruction, but we know who the real star is!

The game is actually quite fun. It’s definitely similar to Donkey Kong (which just happens to be one of my favorite old school games) but it’s got enough charm to stand alone on it’s own. This is definitely a game that could have appeared in the late 70’s-early 80’s and been a hit in arcades across the globe.

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