The other day I found a link at Topless Robot that led me to a little video about a game called “Plants versus Zombies”. The video was cute and the game offered a free 60 minute trial so I decided to play it. Turns out that Plants vs Zombies is an incredible little game and it only costs $20.

Why play Plants vs Zombies? Well it’s a tower defense game in lieu of say Castle, but it combines that gameplay with a humorous storyline involving zombies and a real-time strategy element. You have to “grow” your weapons to defend your yard (and brains) from the undead. The zombies are hilarious, the weapons are hysterical (corn cob butter launchers?) and the best part is the game is really fun.

It’s addictive and easy, yet it also offers some difficulty for some challenges. It’s never bash your head in with a hammer hard, but it’s also not a cakewalk either. This is fun for both casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. I’ve been playing almost non-stop since I found out about it and I highly recommend this little game. It’s made by PopCap and is worth the price tag.

The added bonus levels and trophy systems offer tons of replay value. I’ve already beaten the main game and continue to play through on all the bonus levels which range from mini-game to new twists on the main formula. It’s really a lot of fun.

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