Well here’s something new. This green jacket version of the 3rd Doctor, Jon Pertwee showed up on Ebay briefly this weekend. Where and when will this figure see release? No one knows for sure. The figure has already been removed from Ebay, presumably by Character Options crack legal team. It’s assumed that this may be part of the rumored 11 Doctors box set but that’s purely speculation at this point.

I find the inclusion of the sonic screwdriver curious. Not because the Third Doctor shouldn’t have it, but that some of the other box sets have excluded accessories in the past. Is this perhaps another single card release? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I definitely want this version though, even if it’s just a fancy repaint.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Nice to see the green jacket even though it's a repainted Sea Devils pack-in. Still, Pertwee is getting a lot of love from Character Options and this is a great thing. I'd prefer a single card, but if they pair him up again, I hope it's something more worthwhile than the maggots from the Green Death pack. I have yet to justify shelling out forty bucks for that one and I've been waiting for Pertwee figures since the late 80's.

  • Agreed on all accounts actually. The Maggots pack just wasn't good enough. I'm willing to believe this might be the 11 Doctor's set figure, but that would in theory mean that each Doctor would have his screwdriver. Which is quite different than previous box sets, but makes sense.

    Anywho, green jackets are cool. If Mattel made this, we'd be debating flocking.

  • Bill says:

    All this speculation on the eleven Doctor set is driving me nuts! We've been hearing about it for months now. I wish CO would just release pictures and confirm the release date already! What the heck are they waiting for?!

  • Yeah it's driving me nuts too Bill. I'd love to know officially what the deal is.

  • gunzlingr says:

    I just want 1 of each Doctor figure, and while I can't decide between the Pertwee/Dalek or Pertwee/Sea Devil set, I know it is not this one.

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