Phantasm 5 Ravager
So it’s been revealed, complete with trailer, that Phantasm V is actually happening. With each passing day it seemed like there wouldn’t be a follow up to 1998’s Phantasm IV: Oblivion, leaving fans to always want at least one more chapter for the exploits of Reggie, Mike and the Tall Man. Rumors have been rampant for nearly a decade that something was going to happen, but as Angus Scrimm teeters closer to being a hundred years old (literally) and nothing materialized, it almost seemed as though it was just a pipe dream.

But in the words of the Tall Man, “No, it’s not!” The gang are back for what is most likely their last adventure. Picking up where Phantasm IV left off, Reggie now heads into the Tall Man’s home world for a final showdown. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, other than showing us that there’s going to be some blood and all our favorite characters and elements are back. Even the little troll guys.

Tall Man Angus Scrimm
Phantasm has never been high art, but it’s succeeded against all logic to tell a fairly cohesive if not necessarily coherent story throughout the previous four films. The movies haven’t had a big box office draw in the past, but they have a cult following and this film was very likely made on a shoestring budget as it wasn’t financed by a major studio. Honestly, I wonder if a Kickstarter wouldn’t have been perfect for a movie like this, it’s a moot point now. However one thing that is for certain, nobody does low budget better than director Don Coscarelli. There are rumors that this movie has been filmed in bits and pieces for the last few years. How true that is, I don’t know, but Coscarelli has in the past shot extra footage that was used in later films, so it wouldn’t be out of the question. Nobody really knew that the filming for Phantasm V was taking place and it has been a top secret project.

Reggie Bannister
I actually liked where Phantasm IV left off, sort of leaving it up to the viewer to decide if it really was all some sort of nightmare or if there was another story left to be told. Clearly there is and we’ll get it here. The special effects look decent from what we’ve seen in the trailer, but a lot of that can be attested to advancements in digital movie making. Even still, I can’t wait to get one more round of the Tall Man. If you like low budget but fun horror, Phantasm V: Ravager looks like it’s going to be a blast.

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  • MST3KFan says:

    This… This movie franchise was what really got me into 80s/early to mid 90s horror. As a teenager in the mid-90s, I was a fan of a show back on the cable channel TNT called ‘Monstervision’ with Joe Bob Briggs where he showed a horror movie from around the 80s to early 90s and gave facts as well as comedy bits at the start and in between commercial breaks. I wish that show was still around honestly.

    Anyway, one night he was showing ‘Phantasm II’. I was only familiar with the franchise from movie posters at the time, but once I watched that movie, I was hooked. The quad-barreled shotgun, the crazy over the top kills, that chainsaw fight… It was campy, but a good kind of campy. I think Joe Bob later showed Phantasm III as well later on, but I know once I was old enough to rent horror movies on my own, I rented the first movie to see for the first time as well as 2 and 3. The first wasn’t as good to me initially, but given it was made in the late 70s, I gave it a pass.

    The thing I always remember with every movie is that ended on a cliffhanger, which kind of annoyed me, but at the same time me anxious for the next movie to play. SO once Phantasm IV: Oblivion was announced and coming, I was pumped for it to come to my rental store of choice. It wasn’t great as it came off more like a lot of deleted scenes from the first movie were used with a little bit of new footage, and then…cliffhanger ending again. >_O

    For years, I’ve waited for a fifth movie to complete the story. Remembering when they announced having Bruce Campbell even in it to fight the Tall Man alongside Reggie and then…nothing. Years and years…worrying if they’d make one more before Angus Scrimm were to pass away…worrying they’d just reboot the franchise…and now…

    Seeing finally a fifth Phantasm coming at long last is a great joy. Hopefully we finally get some closure on things at long last for a franchise that was been around since the late 70s. Over 30+ years in the making. I am prepared.

    • Newton says:

      You definitely nailed a lot of good sentiments there. I was a bigger fan of IV than most, but it might be that I really enjoyed the way they were able to work in the stock footage there. I definitely remember wanting more though and some sort of finality.

      So let’s hope we get some of that.

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