It’s the day before Christmas, so I really have to crank out the content, eh? Today we’re looking at another of the Forever Fun Charlie Brown Christmas toys and it’s Snoopy! Snoopy is one of the most famous dogs in the world, perhaps the most famous. Peanuts keeps cranking out Christmas themed figures and Snoopy is one of the latest.

Although there have been several Snoopy figures in these lines from the various companies that have made them, I’ve never owned a Snoopy. So I decided to get this one because I thought he was the most normal. Plus he’s got his old pal Woodstock with him. Is this Snoopy the best?


I do still like the packaging on these guys. The more I look at it, the more I realize these are really just Peanuts Christmas characters, than characters from the more famous Charlie Brown Christmas special. Although Charlie has the one famous Christmas special, he actually had several animated Christmas specials.

In one of them, Snoopy wears a hat similar to this one. So while he never appeared in the original program with this, nor did Woodstock even appear, he did appear in one of the later ones like this with Woodstock… Of course the snowboard is clearly just added in for fun.


Snoopy has a decent range of articulation, but it’s rendered a bit useless because his legs are tilted in an awkward position. This means that Snoopy can only stand when he’s on his snowboard with the peg in his foot. That’s a bit of a bummer as I wanted this to be a “normal” Snoopy.

Despite that, his legs, arms, head and ears are articulated. I really like that the ears have articulation as that adds to some of the poses he can achieve, especially if he’s riding the slopes.


The body sculpt is solid and while I don’t care for the snowboarding stance, he does look pretty good in it. It’s just a shame he literally can’t get into any other poses of worth because of that stance. His face is sculpted to have him pretty normal, but his mouth is painted in a bit of a laughing snarl.

If you need a pretty standard Snoopy, this one will definitely work in a pinch. He’s better articulated than some of the others and he has some personality in his paint job.

Except for his ears. Who came up with these ears? They are painted black, only on one side and not fully even on that side. It’s a massive oversight on Forever Fun’s part not to either paint his whole ear or cast it in black plastic. It really takes away from the overall look and forced Snoopy to wear his hat all the time to look respectable.


There are two versions of this figure. A $7 version that comes with just the hat and snowboard and a $10 version that comes with Woodstock and bowl, plus the hat and snowboard. I think the more expensive version is better just because you get Woodstock and the bowl.

There haven’t been a lot of Woodstock figures, especially normal ones, but this one is as normal as normal can be. He’s quite cool and perfectly to scale, but sadly can’t stand up on his own. So close and yet, so far.


$10 is a lot to pay for anything, especially a Holiday toy. Snoopy sadly just isn’t worth that price because he can’t be posed normally, his ears aren’t painted right and Woodstock, while cool, isn’t worth the additional couple of bucks. This package could have easily been the $7 version and it would have scored higher if all tis came in the $7 version.

Score Recap:

Packaging – 7

Sculpting – 6

Articulation – 6

Accessories – Woodstock, Bowl, Hat, Snowboard

Value – 6

Overall – 6 out of 10

This is a decent little set if your Peanuts gallery doesn’t have a Snoopy. Otherwise it’s probably a pass. I’m not sure if they’ve managed to make a really good Snoopy yet or not, but this figure comes close, but not close enough.

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