The Four Horsemen are bringing some exclusive versions of their new Outer Space Men property to SDCC. It seems as though the con is the place to get your hands on everything first, plus plenty of exclusives. These guys fit both that criteria, as they’re exclusive and the first time fans can have the Outer Space Men. They’re broke into two sets for sale at the con.

OSM Alpha Phase wave 1 will consist of translucent purple “Astro-Nautilus – the Man from Neptune” figure (with a clear yellow trident), and glow-in-the-dark “Metamorpho – the Man from Alpha Centauri” (with glow-in-the-dark accessories) and will sell as a two figure set for only $20.00!

As well as a second set with the other two characters revealed so far…

OSM Alpha Phase wave 2 contains a translucent red “Inferno, the Flame Man of Mercury” (with translucent red accessories), and a translucent orange “Xodiac, the Man from Saturn” (with clear yellow helmet and accessories), and will also sell as a set for a mere $20.00!

With only 300 of these made, they’re bound to go super quick. I’d definitely like the glow in the dark/translucent purple set. Unfortunately I’m not going to be at the SDCC this year. The Four Horsemen will have some for sale up at their, “Store Horsemen” limited to one set per customer but you must buy the complete set of four for $40. You can pick some up at: Store Horsemen right now.

That’s pretty steep for four, four inch figures with limited articulation. Some fans are already up in arms about it. All I can say is that it certainly makes me think twice about buying them at that price. Hopefully the actual retail price on the regular line is considerably less. Remember these are severely limited, so that may be the reason for the cost. Of course, these will mainly appeal to Glyos fans who are already used to paying high prices for tiny figures with minimal articulation with extreme limited production runs.

Whatever the case, I’d love to get my hands on some Outer Space Men Toys!

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