Mezco Toys is doing something very cool on the way to SDCC this year. They’re donating a bunch of their brand new Mez-Itz line to the Museum Of The Moving Image in New York. Including the early prototypes. These new Mez-Itz look awesome and Mezco once again is thinking outside the box and showing off some of their great work. They’ll be donating some other Mez-Itz as well. Check out the press release below:

This isn’t the first time Batman has followed his archenemy the Joker into a darkened museum after hours, but this is the first time neither will be leaving. Mezco Toyz has donated the prototypes of its new Batman and Joker Mez-Itz to the prestigious Museum Of The Moving Image in New York. The Museum of the Moving Image houses a collection of more than 130,000 artifacts from motion pictures, television, and digital media. Mezco’s Batman and Joker Mez-Itz will make their new home among the museum’ collection of 1,200 action figures, toys, board games, and other licensed items.

The Dark Knight and the Clown Prince Of Crime, are not only the first of many characters from the DC Universe that Mezco will be transforming into Mez-Itz, but are also a personal triumph for Mezco’s President. “I’ve been a DC fan since I picked up my first comic book many years ago. To have access to the DC Universe and the ability to recreate these iconic heroes and villains as Mez-Itz is a dream come true!’ said Mezco President Michael “Mez” Markowitz

Batman and the Joker are part of an exclusive limited edition two pack that will only be sold at the legendary San Diego Comic Con July 22-25, 2010, as well as through Mezco Toyz plans to release several waves of Mez-Itz each year in a variety of sizes. They will announce the next wave of DC characters at San Diego Comic Con.

Mezco will also be on hand at SDCC to sell a variety of products, including limited edition Kick-Ass and Hit Girl Mez-Itz. Check out Mezco’s Full Press Release for more info on the Museum exhibit and visit MezcoToyz to buy any of their merchandise.

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