So we’re not alone in covering GI Joe this week as the big release of the movie this Friday has everyone getting their Joe-mania on. Over at Articulated Discussion they’re also running a GI Joe week. They’ve been covering a wide variety of stuff including some of the recent 12 inch offerings. They also have Chicago Con coverage coming up so be sure to stop by there and tell them Newt sent you.

The incredible folks over at sent me this link to their new stop motion GI Joe movie that you just HAVE to check out. It’s available to view on their site at GI Joe Movie.COM and I seriously urge you to check it out.

Finally there is which is a GI Joe community I’ve been a part of for several years. While their forum is great, the main purpose of the site is to post up sightings of where people have found the new (and old for that matter) GI Joe products. It’s always a great place to check out if you want to see if the news Joes have landed in stores in your neck of the woods.

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