I just recently became aware of a new book by an American author on legendary Japanese film director Ishiro Honda. Honda has a close place to the hearts of many Kaiju fans as not only the visionary behind the original Godzilla, but several other subsequent giant monster movies. Honda spent time at Toho with some of the greats and worked alongside guys like Kurasawa, all the while forging cinematic masterpieces of his own.

This new book is a fascinating look inside the man and unlike other books that have only touched on some of the history of Honda, this one goes into many of the intricacies. I also love that it’s from a distinctly American perspective. It’s definitely a must read for Kaiju fans or those who love classic filmmaking. Here’s the press release below:

“MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN — The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda” by Peter H. Brothers.

For the first time in America, a book has been published on Japan’s foremost director of Fantasy Films: The book is called MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN – The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda.

Known primarily for directing such classic Japanese monster movies as Rodan, Mothra, Attack of the Mushroom People and the original Godzilla, Honda has been a much-overlooked figure in mainstream international cinema.

MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN is the first book to cover in English print Honda’s life as well comprehensively evaluates all 25 of his fantasy films. It is also gives objective and critical analysis of Honda’s filmmaking methods, themes and relationships with actors and technicians.

Making use of extensive interviews from Honda’s colleagues, as well as a wealth of original source material never before gathered into one volume (including unpublished essays), MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN is an affectionate tribute to arguably the most-prolific and influential director in the history of fantasy films.

One of the best parts about this new book is that you can get it off of Amazon for under $15 and it qualifies for the Amazon free shipping on stuff over $25. So pick this book up and maybe the Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters: Defending the Earth with Ultraman and Godzilla and get both with free shipping! How can you beat that? It’s definitely a set of books that any Kaiju fan would appreciate.

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