Even Matty Mattel is getting into the 31 Days of Halloween spirit!

1. On another Q&A you mentioned that the Four Horsemen sculpted “tons” of non-costed parts for MOTUC figures. Essentially stuff that they just think is cool and would go with the figures, but doesn’t fit in for budgetary reasons. Assuming you guys still have those at the “Mattel Laboratories” is that something you might consider showing fans at some point? The reason I ask, is that it seems like that would be a great way to gage support for a potential weapons pack of extras that couldn’t make the cut the first time around. Maybe even have a fan vote!

Yes. Tons of figures in both the DC and MOTU lines have had extra parts sculpted by the Horsemen that were not asked for or costed in, simply because they are very enthusiastic. While we appreciate them going “the extra mile” once we are set on the cost of a figure it is often impossible to include an extra piece even if they look very cool. Batman Beyond’s wings and Wonder Woman’s extra spear are also examples of this. We do our best to only show a sculpt with the parts that will actually go forward but every once in a while extra parts sneak into a PR shot.

Incidentally, we also do try to find a way to get to these sculpts down the road. The Bottle City of Kandor in our JLU Superman was actually originally sculpted by the Horsemen as a 6-inch accessory for the 2006 Superman figure!

For legal and logistic reasons we won’t be showing these parts to the public until they are tool’d for a figure.

2. Dark Knight, MOTUC vs DCUC and now Ghostbusters are all showing up as exclusives in TRU. Is this a trend we can expect to continue, with MattyCollector product being repurposed for TRU exclusives?

We make collector products for many accounts. JLU has been at TGT and WMT has DCUC five-packs and two-packs. Toys ‘R’ Us happens to have more space dedicated to collectors via a special aisle, which is one reason we are able to bring lines like GB and MOTU vs DCU to them. There are no plans to bring other Matty.com product to TRU at this time.

3. Ghosts! With Halloween coming up many fans are lamenting the lack of Ghosts in the Ghostbuster line. We’ve seen a couple of images of some ghosts, but is Mattel planning more “pack-in” ghosts? Many people expected that this line was going to have those and the first few have.

Yes, we have more pack-in Ghosts as well as more ghost figures planned for the future!

4. With the new Action League style figures coming, does that mean the Brave & The Bold Action League will come to an end, or could the two lines run simeltaneously?

Yes, the DCU Action League will replace the Brave and The Bold Action League in fall of 2010.

5. Since they originated in the Filmation cartoon, are the Skeletor Robot Knights off limits? If so, have you guys thought about making a similar robot with a similar purpose for army building? Flying robots would make great drones for Skeletor and they wouldn’t necessarily have to be beholden to the Filmation design.

Correct. The Robot Knights are not available as they originated in the Filmation series, which we do not have current rights to.

Pretty good set of answers this time around. As always, if you have a question you’d like answered… Leave a comment below. We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions.

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