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I’ve been purchasing more and more high end super poseable figures and began to realize that some of these figures may need a flight stand. After seeing some pretty horrible reviews for Mattel’s flight stands, I opted to look to Japan. I wasn’t particularly impressed with any Revoltech stands, but Bandai uses the Tamashii stand system to great effect.

I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to plunk down the money on some Tamashii stands, given that I’m not a big user of stands. Then I saw the Obitsu stand, which offers a lot of the poseability of the competition but were several dollars cheaper. The big caveat with Obitsu is that the have to be assembled. In the end I decided to take the plunge and I think these stands are decent alternative to the Tamashii stands, but are probably better suited for larger figures.

The Obitsu stand is supposedly for figures and dolls, with the instruction manual showing a variety of sizes in use. You get plenty of extra parts, so you can have a tall stand or a short stand. Three different size of clips can be used. Each segment of the arms are articulated, which is an advantage over other brands like the Whippy Superpose Stand.

Assembly really didn’t take long, though be sure to take note that there are two different sizes of screws. I had to take the entire stand apart when I realized this, as two screws didn’t fit properly. The tiny screws and nuts can be a bit tedious to work with, but one advantage is that you can tighten the stand up at any time. You shouldn’t ever have a floppy stand with your Obitsu.

The stand is able to hold a variety of weight and sizes, which leads me to believe this could definitely work for Megos or even 12 inch figures. The only real issue with heavier figures would be the actual base of the stand, which might need a counter balance.

The stands might be better in bulk, as you’re left with two or three extra rods and clasp pieces if you’re not looking to buy a gigantic stand. Considering you only have to assemble what you want to use however, might be a blessing to some collectors. It’s definitely a good, practical and affordable alternative to many stands out there on the market today.

The large clamp is rather big, definitely more suited for bigger figures.

It holds up pretty good, though.

The smaller clamp fits 3 3/4 and below much better, although ideally there would be an even smaller clamp. Sadly that’s not included here.

Score Recap:
Posing – 7
Extras – 7
Clamps – 7
Stability – 6
Value – 8
Overall – 7 out of 10

The Obitsu stand probably isn’t as good as the Tamashii brand and having to build the entire unit may be off putting to some people. I do think that Mego collectors will find this stand particularly useful, or if you’re in the need for a basic stand at a cheap price, this is a good way to go. As a basic stand, the Obitsu stand scores well on most of the basic fundamentals.

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  • Nick says:

    Where did you buy these stands? I might need to pick up a few for some of my clumsy falling figures.

  • I picked mine up from Hobby Shop. There are a variety of stores that sell these though, Google would probably be your best bet for pricing.

  • Wes says:

    Okay, I swear you're monitoring my purchases! I bought a bunch of these things earlier in the year, but simply haven't gotten around to spotlighting them (though sometimes they creep into my reviews and forum posts). My biggest problem with them is the flimsiness of the rods. I agree that they probably work better for larger dolls, partly because dolls (and Japanese figures in general, I guess) are much lighter than 6-7" domestic action figures. I'd originally gotten them for use with my Street Fighter IV figures, but they're heavy enough to cause dangerous bending of the rods. I can manipulate the rods to avoid that, of course, but them I end up with convoluted stuff that isn't really all that attractive or space friendly.

    Odd that you mention different size screws, though — I only got one size with my sets. Oh, and with the extra rods and the side clip (and extra stands, of course), you can make stands with multiple clips! Good for posing two figures on the same stand, and it works really well with lighter figures.

  • Interesting. I had two screws that were larger and they were the only ones that would fit (I think the clips, can't recall) in that area. Maybe you put yours together right and just never noticed the difference? Like, you got lucky on the first time out.

    Or they sent you all the larger screws. I couldn't notice a difference at first, until they didn't all get together right. Which caused me to have to reassemble the whole thing. It was annoying.

    I haven't had any issues witht he rods, but I suppose I could see that with certain heavier figures. My main grievance would be the need for a thicker bottom, but it's not hard to counter balance them, which is a relief after Kaiyodo's stands have a hard time being counter balanced.

  • Wes says:

    Huh, I'm really pretty sure my screws are all the same size! I haven't fooled with the stands in a couple of months, but I was constantly assembling and re-assembling them to get different poses. I do remember having a bit of resistance at certain points, but I think I just jiggled the screw and it went through. The washers are all the same size, aren't they?

    Yeah, my rods haven't broken or anything, but they definitely don't look happy when they're holding up Chun-Li and her weighty thighs. It's kinda odd, actually, since I'd find that to be a most enjoyable activity. 😉

  • You're a dirty, dirty man.

    As for the screws, I dunno, maybe you got a bag full of the longer screws? The longer screws work in the rod joints, but the shorter screws don't work in the other pieces. If you had a bag of all long screws, they would work in everything. The nuts are all the same size, though.

    I'm not really sure why there were two sizes of screws. The difference wasn't that major, but it was just enough to make sure that they wouldn't work right on mine.

  • WebScud says:

    I can't find an import site that has clear or clear black in-stock. Any suggestions?

  • Can't say that I'll be of much help there. Try HobbySearch Japan.

  • WebScud says:

    Thanks for the response, but they're sold out too. Oh well.

    This is a pretty cool blog though — glad my figure stand quest led me here.

  • guillermo pelotas says:


    I just ordered 10 from here:

    Keep in mind I *ORDERED* them, but as I just did so 20 minutes ago, I haven't received them yet.

    They seemed to be in stock in black clear and clear. Less than $3 each with $4.50 total shipping. Beats the heck out of Mimiwoo on ebay. Got more than double for the same price!!!


    Hope you find it. Also, please make it public if/when you other interesting stands.

  • rupertvalero says:

    i don't know. im just a big fan of the tamashii stage 3-5 stands. they have a wider base to distribute the weight on figures. i readily found them on amazon. however the clear ones go fast. thanks for the review. i have never seen any of these stands anywhere. i'll look them up when in the states.

  • In full disclosure, these won't hold up to the Tamashii stands. I think they make for a nice alternative to those, but I'd be foolish to say they were perfectly compatible. More of a cheap replacement or alternative than anything. They can loosen a bit over time and generally aren't as durable as the Tamashii stands.

  • Ana says:

    Where have you bought them at $2.75?? I can only see them at $4 (at Parabox, with hiper-expensive shipping), or $8 (on ebay)…
    Please share your intel ^_^

  • Newt says:

    Well this review is about a year old, but I believe I got them at Hobby Search Japan for that price. Dunno if they're still that cheap now.

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  • guillermopelotas says:


    Finally got around to using them. They’re great. They won’t hold the heaviest 6″ figures in every pose, but will for many.

    Rosemoon is now charging $8 with “free shipping.” Which is not good if you’re buying many of them. What was then $35 would now cost $80, right in line with that expensive mimiwoo stuff.

    Hobby Link Japan seems to have the best price on these even after shipping:

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