While we know you can’t give specifics, has Mattel given any thoughts to using previous property characters in newer properties? Such as the MASK tribute character in the GI Joe 25th line… Could we hypothetically see a Boglin-esque character in MOTUC?

A neat idea and we are huge fans of Boglins, but no plans to slip things like that into MOTUC anytime soon.

Infinite Hollywood Reader The Foreigner Asks: Does Mattel plan on offering more distinct attire variants in the WWE line particularly the Elite and Legends line-ups? IE: Dusty Rhodes in different trunks, Terry Funk in long tights?

More attire, absolutely. We can’t confirm exactly which ones at this time. Stay tuned. We are always looking for ways to refresh characters that are fan favorites.

On another Q&A it was noted that a long eared Batman or a removable helmet Manta could not be done because of blister size, but if Mattel opted to make a Retro-Action Matty Exclusive, would then this limitation not hold true?

Online product is not as restricted with packaging size. We can change the package for online toys to fit the product and do not need to ensure the package fits on shelf at retail. So this might be possible, but no plans for now.

TRU Recently put out a WWE Mattel exclusive Rey Mysterio set of alternate attires from his career. Is this a pack that might continue with other superstars with many famous attires, such as Chris Jericho or the Undertaker?

We are certainly looking into this treatment for other Superstars, but nothing to announce quite yet. Stay tuned!

What’s the thinking behind the limited nature of the MOTUC stands? Why haven’t the MOTUC stands come back around? It seems like a strange product to have only a limited run with.

We announced at SDCC that the stands will be back in early 2011!

I missed this news in the SDCC stuff and Mattel announced the on sale return date for the stands right after I sent these questions in. Sorry about that last one folks.

There you have it Matty’s answers for the first of November. I’m really looking for you guys to ask some questions if you have something you want answered. Please submit questions below. If you’ve got a question to ask ol’ Matty Mattel, drop us an email or leave a comment below. He’ll do his best to give you the answers.

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