I love vintage style packaging as much as the next guy, but first it was the silicon grease on the Retro-Action figures and now I’ve noticed numerous examples of Wave 2 Aquaman losing his hair (paint) in the package on the Retro-Action figures. Has Mattel given any thought to potentially including an inner tray (similar to the 25th GI Joe package) or using some sort of twist tie to help prevent these incidents?

Yes, we have looked into whether an inner tray is needed, and if enough fans would prefer this as opposed to the vintage no tray look we could make this change. What say you loyal fans?

With the upcoming super Cyber Monday sale, many fans fear a huge mess on the MattyCollector website. What, if any, accommodations are being made for the Cyber Monday sale from the folks in charge of the Matty website to prepare for the huge traffic day?

We’ll be having a new sign-in screen that will help to filter and direct traffic. We are making major upgrades in time for this sale!

He-Ro (the 2009 SDCC Exclusive figure) is listed on the Matty site as Out of Stock, while Orko (the 2010 SDCC Exclusive) is listed as Gone For Good. It’s been said that aside from a few special figures, nobody in MOTUC is off the table. Yet Orko has the “Gone for Good” distinction. Does that just refer to that particular packout of Orko, or does it mean Orko and/or Prince Adam won’t be potentially re-released?

Both figures may be back in time, but we won’t offer the SDCC version of either. Only the version sold on Mattycollector.com. Looks like we may need to update their status.

Has Mattel given thought to a DCUC wave which foregoes a C’n’C in lieu of a smaller figure? Say for example a wave where smaller DC characters come as pack ins with regular figures, as opposed to a larger C’n’C?

We have looked into smaller figures. Whether they will replace a Collect and Connect figure, or be used in another way remains to be seen, but we know the demand is out there.

In the recent Ghostbusters 4 pack released at TRU, the skin tone is drastically different than the regular GB releases. Why are there these differences in skin tones?

The set is based on reference from the second film. Each figure is also hand-painted as the four-pack was made at a different time from the single figures so there may be some variance.

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