Throughout the 80s and into the 90s, many companies produced Masters of the Universe/Wrestling figure knockoffs. These tend to look alike, with some being better than others. Often they sort of resemble a real wrestler or character, but none of them are quite as egregious as this “Hulk Hogan” figure. Bootleg-a-mania is running wild, dude!

The head sculpt here is so blatantly supposed to be Hogan, it’s a wonder that the real Hulkster never sued. The likeness is just as good as the Cocoa Pebbles character that Hogan took to court a few years back. I suppose the real issue would likely be tracking down just who is responsible for making this figure.

You see this toy has no identifying marks. Even if you find one in package, this same sculpt including the Hogan head, has been used on dozens of figures through the years. Wrestling Champions, Sun Gold, Muscle Warriors and various others all seemed to “borrow” the same sculpts from one another. This guy probably comes from the Super Champs or Wrestling Champs line. There were several versions of him.

Unfortunately this Hogan isn’t as good as some of the rest. Phony Hulkster lacks leg articulation. I sort of hate these bootlegs/knockoffs without the leg articulation. It makes them less poseable and it just shows corner cutting. I know, I know, it’s a bootleg. Still I prefer a bootleg with a little pride, ya know?

He’s also considerably smaller than some of the better knockoffs and he’s dwarfed by Remco’s AWA figures. Still I have a place in my heart for little bootleg Hogan figures. I wish they still made these.

Today’s bootlegs tend to be of the Mexican wrestler variety, such as these guys. I’d say around 1996 or so was the last time I saw this type of figure on the market. I’m not sure why they stopped showing up, but I would buy a ton of them if they showed back up in my local dollar stores… Of course, they’d need the leg articulation. A Hulkster that can’t do the leg drop is a deal breaker for me. This Hogan knockoff isn’t too hard to track down in some form or another if you’re in the market for one.

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  • Mario says:

    I have him too, & god, I love him so!

  • Glad I'm not alone in that!

  • Joey says:

    when I was a kid I played with this Hogan more than the real Hulk Hogan figures.

  • Hulk says:

    I have a Hogan figure that is either identical or very, very similar to this one. I got it as a kid back in the mid 80's. I don't know why, but I remember the wrestler's name was billed on the packaging as "C.G." I guess it struck me as odd that they couldn't come up with a better fictional wrestling name than C.G., especially when it's obviously supposed to be Hogan. I had two other figures from the same series. One was a masked man wearing black trunks (Mil Mascaras?) and another was supposed to be Andre the Giant (Had big black hair and blue trunks)…I remember the Andre figure was of poor quality and it broke while playing with it, but the other two held up over time…Good times…

  • G Man says:

    I just got this exact figure in a box of wrestling figures I bought at an auction.
    I was kinda hoping it was some AWA figure and worth something. lol Oh well…. can't win em all!

  • RubyFusion says:

    Ah yes this figure was my first wrestling figure (together with bootleg Big John Studd, yes I COULD start a match right away!).
    Mine came on a single card Wrestling Champs card, the card art was a nice interpretation of the LJN cards!
    The back of the card called the line Wrestler and featured the 6 wrestlers as a drawing: Mark (Andre the Giant), A. Champ (Superfly Jimmy Snuka), C.G (Hulk Hogan), Mask (ironically he wasn’t masked; he was Iron Sheik), Brut (Big John Studd) and Mr. Unknown (this character looked masked, a modified Baltor head. It somewhat resembled the wrestler known as Missing Link.)
    So, not only the card art was inspired by LJN, 5 out of 6 wrestlers were bootlegs of the first series of LJN Wrestling Superstars! Despite all this, I believe these Wrestling Champs (that ironically didn’t have title belts!) were the second incarnation of these bootlegs. I have since found these six in 2-packs (WITH title belts) on Wrestler cards, I guess those were the originals; the back of the card was the same as above.
    However, it get’s even better; Hogan, Andre (with somewhat of a haircut) and Sheik also exist on Wrestler 2-packs and Wrestling Champions single cards, but with longer and MOVABLE legs!!! The other 3 figs are replaced by bootleg The Destroyer, modified Sheik with an eyepatch and Greg The Hammer Valentine. All except Hogan exist in wild colors. They all have a very nice title belt.

    • Newton says:

      Haha, nice little tidbits there. Tracking these bootlegs down can be very difficult, because so many were knockoffs of knockoffs. There are multiple variations of the Wrestling Champs line.

      If you liked this, be on the lookout for a whole week dedicated to various wrestling knockoffs and bootlegs in the very near future!

  • likalaruku says:

    Galaxy Warriors Hulk, Human Baltard, & Stroid Freak Ricardo Montalban. XD

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