So the NPD numbers for March of 2010 came out a while back and low and behold Nintendo is still king. With 5 Wii titles in the top 20 games released, four DS titles in the top 20 games and the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii leading the console sales chart by a large margin. The DS sold over 700,000 units, while the Wii clocked in at just under 560,000 units.

I’ll confess that my Wii has mostly lay dormant (insert your own joke) for a while, but the new Netflix on the Wii option has rejuvenated my usage in it. That’s partially because I let my Xbox live membership lapse (but seriously I was only using it for Netflix) and because I wanted to try out the Wii-Netflix interface. I’m not alone, apparently over a million people have hooked their Wii up to their Netflix. I’m also hearing that Netflix is giving 10% off a month for activating the disc so it’s an incentive for members.

With about a dozen new models of the Nintendo DS coming out, including a 3D gaming version as well as the Wii getting a new bundle with the MotionPlus, it’s a good time to be in the house of the world’s most famous plumber. Hooray for all things Nintendo!

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