July’s Infinite Hollywood Poll has ended and the results were quite staggering. For starters, this poll had more participation than any of the previous ones. Secondly, the results greatly differed than any other Ninja Turtle poll I’ve ever seen and also were widely divergent from what I had expected them to be.

We asked, “Who’s your favorite Ninja Turtle?” and presented all four of the Green Machine as an option. I fully expected Michelangelo to win, Raphael to be neck and neck with him, with Leo taking third and Don finishing about fourth. Right off, as I expected, Mike got off to a good head start. What shocked me almost immediately was how much steam Donatello had. Don was in second place for 3/4’s of the month and at times was close to overtaking Mikey.

Here’s the final totals:

Michelangelo finished in first, with 30% of the vote. Mike at times held an advantage as high as 40% but dipped a few times. Mike is my personal favorite TMNT character, but is also very popular based on the original cartoon. One reason for Mike’s popularity that often isn’t mentioned, is both his skill and level headedness as presented in the original Mirage comics. Mike is the most likeable of the TMNT.

Leonardo finished second, losing to Mike by only a couple of votes with 28% of the vote. This came as a huge shock to me as Leonardo was in third and fourth, respectively, throughout most of the competition. In the last week or week and a half, there seemed to be a groundswell of support for Leo as he suddenly moved up the rankings.

Donatello finished third with 23% of the total vote. Don also was a bit of a surprise as he immediately jumped to second place and maintained that position through most of the month. Don usually isn’t a turtle that’s talked about as being popular, so his strong showing in the poll gives a good indication that he’s more popular than most realize. Had the poll ended a week earlier, Donatello may have finished second.

Raphael brings up the rear with only 19% of the vote and weakest showing of all the turtles. I wholeheartedly expected Raph to be second or maybe even first, given that his angry attitude seems to appeal to many. His color is also one of the most popular in the world and he’s always had a strong presence in pop culture. When I was a kid it seemed as though every other kid’s favorite TMNT was Raphael, so for him to do so poorly shows that fans of the turtles are just as diverse as the characters.

So there you have it, as the people have decided! Another incredible poll showing and some really surprising results. Be sure to vote in this month’s poll, as we poke fun at some of the lamest Superheroes in the Marvel & DC universes.

7 Responses to Ninja Turtle Poll Results

  • TheChip says:

    those are pretty interesting. I always see Raph win polls. There was one a while back on, ah crap, I can't remember the name of the site, robotslots or something? Anyways Raph won or came in second I think. People were calling him Ralph though, HA!

    Cool poll. I voted for Don, but I didn't expect him to do so good. I saw him in second a while back and i was like go Don go!

  • Yeah I was pretty surprised there. Both at how well Don did, but also that he was almost second until Leo came out of nowhere with the support.

    Raph, although never a favorite of mine, was super popular when I was a kid and seemed like a shoe-in for #2. I almost didn't do this poll originally, because I was certain I already knew how people would have voted. I'm glad I did it, because people voted much more different.

  • NcLovin says:

    Im not shocked Mike ended up in first as I remember him being everyone favorite when I was younger. Its good to see my boy Don didn't finish last. Don fo life son.

  • chopa says:

    I think raph didn't win because he's most likely everyone's number 2 favorite.

  • clark says:

    My problem is I can never decide which one is my favorite. It seems to be mostly Raph, but then on somedays its Leonardo or Michelangelo. Don never seems to win with me, but he's never too far behind.

  • Cloud says:

    You're not the only one. If I really really have to choose it's going to be a close tie between Leo and Raph but Mike and Don's personality are also very likable.

  • IMO says:

    Whoohoo Mikey for the win! he's my ultimate favorite Turtle ever! 😀

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