Ninja Turtle Cereal
The Ninja Turtles debuted a cereal in the early 90s that was to many folks pretty repulsive. Frankly, I don’t recall the cereal tasting any worse than a lot of the other stuff on the market at the time. Then again, I don’t remember particularly loving it either. One of the promotions involved sending away to get special cereal exclusive comics and that’s what we’re taking a look at today, because they’re actually kind of neat comics.

Done by the Mirage team, it offers a rare glimpse into how a Mirage “Fred Wolf” TMNT comic may have went. While one could argue that Archie’s TMNT Adventures was certainly the same idea, this was closer in style to the Mirage playbook than the Archie stories ever were.

You had to mail away for each comic, which in itself was a pretty good scheme. The comics were small, not unlike the MOTU mini comics, but had a fairly decent continuing story throughout. This one starts with Raphael and Casey Jones playing baseball. Casey Jones wasn’t shown to be a friend of the TMNT that much in the original toon, so you can already see that Mirage twist on the norm.

Nefarious fly form Baxter Stockman (still my favorite Baxter BTW) attacks, trying to prove his worth to Shredder by taking out the Turtles. Immediately Casey and Baxter start going at it.

The Turtles do their best to fend him off, but Baxter captures Casey and flies off with him. The usage of secondary characters (even if they’re pretty core ones) is great here. As a kid, Baxter was my lead villain character (because I didn’t have a Shredder) and Casey was one of my core heroes. So it’s nice to see that was reflected in this offbeat story.

Of course, Casey isn’t a chump and he’s a bit more than Baxter bargained for. Thankfully for Stockman, Shredder isn’t far behind. Amping up the evil and putting things firmly in the Foot’s side.

The bad guys have some serious bad intentions for poor Mr. Jones! I really love the artwork in this comic. I’m such a fan of the Mirage style and it translates so nicely in these vivid colors (something we almost never saw from Mirage themselves) and just leaps from the page.

It looks like all hope is lost, as Casey Jones is about to become a poor lab rat for Shredder and Baxter’s evil plans.

But here comes the Turtles to save the day! It’s about to be an all out war! Can the Turtles save Casey in time?

But you’ll have to send off to Ralston for the second comic! Or you can check back here at Infinite Hollywood and see when we take a look at the next installment.

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