Playmates TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

Snakeweed (briefly called Stinkweed) was one of the first additional mutant villains we saw in the new Ninja Turtles line. It should be no surprise that he was also one of the first introduced in the Nickelodeon cartoon. Surprisingly, despite coming in earlier in the line, he’s in a lot of ways better than some of the later creations.

Snake attack
Snakeweed represents a real change in philosophy for the Ninja Turtles line, offering up quite a bit of articulation and completely new functions that previous TMNT figures have never had. Yet, this is very clearly a Playmates toy, with many of the stalwart pieces we’ve come to know from the house of Turtle. So is this figure worth adding to you collection this holiday season?

There’s nothing new or unique in the Snakeweed package. Depending on which assortment you picked him up in, he’ll either have more or less characters featured on the back. It also has his bio and such, as per the norm.

The only unique thing about the package of Snakeweed, is that he comes in pieces. You actually have to assemble him. This is the first time any Ninja Turtle figure in history (far as I can remember) actually had his legs and such as separate attachments.

This means that Snakeweed can be assembled to be a bigger figure. The idea is that he’s too big for the regular package. It’s a smart move, although I wish Playmates had taken it even a step further.

The sculpt is fantastic, with lots of little crevices and plant-like features. For a kid’s toy, he’s got sculpting that is far superior to most of the crap that Hasbro and Mattel put out in their “adult collector” lines. Playmates has always been able to bring the sculpting when they want to, and this is no exception.

Because of the aforementioned separate legs, he gets some added height. He’s still not cartoon accurate, but it was doubtful he’d ever be. The new Nickelodeon cartoon sometimes has guys be 20-30 feet tall. His improved size is nice and it makes me wish they’d taken a similar approach to Leatherhead.

The legs and tentacles are all separate pieces, which means you can remove them as need be. This brings up one of my few issues with the figure. The legs don’t quite snap in as tightly as I’d like. A dab of super glue should do the trick, though.

There isn’t a ton of paint, but it’s all pretty solid for a mass market toy. You have to remember that this guy is under $10, so to have sharp lines and bright colors is pretty impressive. Most of the heavy lifting is done by molding the plastic in the appropriate colors.

Unlike a lot of the figures in this line, Snakeweed actually has plenty of articulation.

His two main arms are on swivel hinges, while the rest are on swivels. Even his antennae can swivel.

His legs are on swivel hinges at the hips, as well as standard hinges at the knees. It gives him a lot of poseability options.

Could he have more poseability? I suppose, but what we’re given is quite nice. The slightly pliable nature of the tentacles adds to the posing possibilities as well.

Snakeweed comes with a couple of tentacles that plug into his hands. I’m counting them as accessories, only because his power in the show seemed to be the ability to create these on a whim. It’s not much, though.

Especially when you consider some of the early Turtles figures had a half dozen or more weapons.

Leatherhead ended up being pretty frustrating because he came with so little and offered up so few play opportunities. Snakeweed is the opposite of that, in that his articulation and neat design really make him a worthy $9 figure. He could use a couple accessories I suppose, but given that he can’t really hold anything and didn’t use any in the show, it’s not really a necessity. Grab this guy for your kids this holiday season, so long as they’re old enough to understand how to put him together.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Tentacles
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

Snakeweed is a solid 8 all around. His only real issue is that his legs tend to pop out. As I mentioned above, some glue can fix that. If I was a parent, I’d just glue them in for my kids to begin with. Adult collectors can do so at their discretion. Snakeweed is a lot of fun and he’s a worthy adversary for the TMNT.

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