Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon Shredder
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

I’ve wrote at length about the 1988 Shredder figure and how the majority of my main Turtle “playing” time was dependent on getting to use my cousin’s Shredder figure. Eventually that Shredder lost his head and got a transplant head from a Galaxy Fighters Daton figure.

Ninja Turtles Shredder Review

Although that original Shredder figure wasn’t very good, he attained a sort of mythic quality as a result. Eventually I got a Shredder and several other Shredders came out, but truth be told… None of the Shredder figures have been very good. I wasn’t sure this one would be any better.

Nickelodeon Shredder Review

Amazingly, this figure is much better than I thought. There’s a lot of opinion on the internet about how this guy sucks. You know, because he’s missing one pivotal piece of articulation. Does this truly mean this figure is no good? Read on to get a complete review and see if it’s worth your $9!

At the beginning of the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles hype, I wasn’t sure about the designs of this show. Even for the art. The logo seemed generic and it just didn’t do anything for me. Yet, now it’s starting to grow on me. The green, purple and tiny splashes of orange, really pop.

So the package has helped win me over. I can see these as being colorful and exciting in the toy aisles. It’s definitely going to stand out on the shelves. The design of the card is universal though and it lacks the originality of the TMNT cards.

Inside Shredder is wrapped up in these sort of strange plastic twist ties. They’re not rubber bands, but they’re not wire twists either. They’re not too hard to untie, but I don’t recall seeing these types of ties in any other toys. The sword is wrapped in a rubber band and can bend on the way out.

Much like the card art, I haven’t been sold on the Shredder design. I can’t really hold that against the figure though. The sculpt just has to replicate the art.

Ninja Turtles Shredder Nickelodeon Review

Yet again though, once I got this guy in hand, he’s winning me over.

I guess it’s not entirely fair, because I knew a couple of tweaks would make him better. Once I made a couple of cosmetic changes, this guy REALLY felt like Shredder to me.

By adding the vintage Shredder cape and belt as well the 2007 TMNT Movie Shredder claws, I think he’s instantly better. Of course the figure doesn’t come this way, but it should. These are all Playmates parts. Playmates, take my advice. I’m sure the check is in the mail.

There are plenty of things I don’t like though. Like the blades on the arms, legs and shoulders. The leg armor is really strange. Worse is the fact that foot is sculpted up.

Shredder Review

It serves no purpose. Unlike a lot TMNT figures from Playmates, this pose doesn’t even make sense because it’s so minor. It should just be flat. There’s no dynamic pose here. It’s just annoying.


The feet are also huge, but that doesn’t bother me too much. That’s part of the design. I’m not a fan, but I don’t hate it.

The paint work is minimal, but not particularly sharp. There’s tons of unpainted parts and the paint that’s there is sort of sloppy. Parts of his face isn’t painted well and his eyes are just very bland and uneven.

There’s some flashing on the helmet on mine, which is annoying.

Ninja Turtles Shredder Review

Scale wise, he’s an interesting fit.

Ninja Turtles Shredder Review

He’s one of the tallest Shredders to date.

Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon Shredder Review

I actually prefer this figure to the 2K3 Shredder, because he looks less like a robot and he’s more poseable. The 2K3 Shredder was one of the best Shredders for a long time, but I think he’s better.

Shredder Review

At least he doesn’t have spinal cord problems!

He’s almost 6 inches tall. The top of his head is just about 5 1/2 inches, but the top point of his helmet is right at the 6 inch mark. However he’s not going to fit in with Marvel Legends or anything, because he’s not 6 inch “scaled”.

Scale Shots!

So moment of truth. How’s the articulation!?!

He’s missing knee joints. That’s really the major flaw. But it’s certainly not a deal breaker. The rest of the articulation is quite good and it’s the BEST ARTICULATED SHREDDER EVER… So that has to count for something.

It’s fairly poseable, but it could definitely be better.

Ninja Turtles Shredder Review

Your mileage may vary, but I wouldn’t let that one articulation point put you completely against the figure. He works well with the other figures.

Shred-head doesn’t come with much. He’d be better with a belt, a cloth cape and some claws. But I’m beating a dead horse with that.

He comes with a sword that only narrowly fits in his hand. It’s a bit too small.

The sword is about the size and consistency of a GI Joe sword. Which is kind of odd, because it fits the Foot Ninja really well. Shredder, not so much.

The sword isn’t terrible, it’s very plain, but the sculpt is okay. No paint though.

Ninja Turtles Shredder

You also get two throwing stars/shurikens.


He can hold the shurikens in his hands. That’s pretty cool, as often these small accessories can’t be held.

So it’s $8.99… It’s far from perfect, but it’s the probably the best Shredder to date. Don’t discount this guy just because articulation snobs hate on him. If you’re looking for a decent Shredder, this guy isn’t bad. With a little work, he can be great. These days he’s very much worth the $9 they’re charging.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 7
Paint – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Sword, Ninja Stars
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

As someone who’s bought a dozen Shredder through the years, trying to fill a hole I’ve had in my heart since I was a kid… This is the first Shredder I’ve been really pleased with in a long time.

Ninja Turtles Shredder Review

Your mileage may vary.


I would check it out, but I’m going nuts on this toy line.

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13 Responses to Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Shredder Figure Review

  • Tommy says:

    I don't know what to think about his scaly chest, but other than that he looks pretty good. I do agree that he looks way better with the cape though!

  • jestergoblin says:

    Wow, he's much bigger than I expected. The scale on these is a touch wonky.

    The real question is will he replace my Armorized Shredder from the 2k3 line…

    Also, 2K3 Shredder should look like a robot.

  • Yeah 2K3 Shredder should look like a robot, but that doesn't do much for making him a great default Shredder.

    I don't really think the scale is wonky at all. The Turtles are just the right height next to Shredder, the Foot just smaller than that.

  • Oddly enough I really like the chest. I dunno though, like I say, once I gave him the proper claws, the cape and the belt, I fell in love. Without that stuff, he's certainly not as good.

  • asdsa says:

    Best Shredder to date? You must be smoking some crack.

  • Mondo Gecko says:

    I don't think that's a stretch. He's 99% accurate to the source model, he's not too pricey and has more articulation than any other Shredder. I think he's my favorite too!


    the lack of knee articulation is so strange to me. But the review def sold me on the fact that I will need this Shredder

  • Shredder has had some pretty horrible figures, IMO. I'm curious which Shredders you think are better when you weigh everything. Honestly. I have never really had a Shredder I was totally happy with and this one, isn't that either, but it's a lot closer.

    But as I said, mileage may vary.

  • Good to hear man. I think he's been pretty underrated thus far.

  • Monte says:

    I'm not feeling him, and I'm absolutely baffled that Playmates has such a hard time creating a solid Shredder figure; the design is tailor-made for action figures!

    I wasn't particularly thrilled with the Neca one, either. Not that it ever made it to shelves.

    I made a lazy Sigma version years ago that's silly and yet still better than any official version except that the scale is out of whack:


    The Classics Turtles are awesome, and I'm hoping the Classics Shredder will be, too. Thus far all I "need" are the Nick design Turtles.

    I wish like hell I'd kept my 2003 sewer playset…

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Is his head easy to pop off?

  • Christian says:

    I want to know if his head is easy to pop off.Please tell me.I want to create nightmare raph in toy form.

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