Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon April O'Neil
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
April O’Neil
5 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

Since first appearing in Mirage TMNT issue #2, April O’Neil has been a central character in the Ninja Turtle mythos. She’s appeared in every incarnation (sans Next Mutation) and has been the Turtle’s conduit to the human world. For Nickelodeon’s new take on April, she’s been de-aged to be a teenager as well, as opposed to being a 20-something adult who hangs out with teenagers.

Ninja Turtles Donatello loves April
“Dear Livejournal, I met the strangest guys today…”

Personally I’ve never thought it was strange in the least, but I understand why Nick wants to do it. They’re focusing heavily on the TEENAGE element in the Turtles this time and having another “parent” around could get tricky. Playmates of course has brought an April into the toy line mix as well.

Nickelodeon April Figure Review

When I was a kid finding April’s figure was about as easy as finding gold, but Playmates seems to have a bit better distribution on her in the last few TMNT incarnations. However, she’s only packed 1 per case in this new Nickelodeon line, so is she worth tracking down?

I like the Turtles package. The fact that Playmates included the “NINJA ARSENAL” sticker is nice as well. So few toys come with accessories these days, might as well brag about it.

The vintage card back actually referred to April as a “damsel in distress” but this one plays up more of April’s quirky teen ways. It also mentions that she’s a bit of an outcast herself. As usual, the rest of the figures are shown on the back.

When I first saw the April redesign, I had no interest in her. While I definitely wanted an April as a kid, in recent years I could take or leave her. I would never like, rest the fate of the line on April (ahem, I’m looking at you NECA!) and she’s become more non-essential to me.

Ninja Turtles April O'Neil Nickelodeon Review

That said, I decided to go ahead and pick her up when I first got into the new Nick Turtles because I figured if she was going to end up being rare, I didn’t want to regret not picking her up. I’m now quite happy I did. April has a very “animated” design, perhaps moreso than anyone else in the line.

She’s wearing a very teen attire with short-shorts and black leggings. She also has a yellow t-shirt, a nod no doubt to her infamous yellow jumpsuit and some elbow pads Fashion guru Wes says this is a shirt under her yellow shirt. Whatever, kids wear elbow pads these days!

The head sculpt would arguably be the biggest downer for this figure as she’s got a bit of a goofy football shape to her head and a dopey smile.

It takes a bit of getting used to and the lack of any paint on the mouth does stick out a bit. Still I question if giving her lipstick wouldn’t have made the figure look worse anyway. After looking at her a bit I think the toy reflects a girl who’s sporty and cute.

Donatello likes her for her rocking body, though… Or something. She’s very THIN but I actually find she’s proportioned well aside from the giant feet. I like the giant feet though because it keeps her very well grounded.

April O'Neil Review

This is not a figure I could see having without having the Turtles with her, but when you get them all together as a package deal… She works.

“APRIL! I told you this report was due an hour ago!”

And when you think about all the Aprils we’ve gotten through the years, they’ve never been particularly good. I would rate this one pretty high among them, to be honest.

The paint work is pretty solid although I have a tiny bit of an off center eye. It’s not really noticeable unless you’re staring at it too close or taking micro photos.

The Turtles have the best articulation, but some of the companions get the shaft.

I actually don’t think April is bad at all. Much like the others, she doesn’t have elbow or knee hinges which pisses a lot of people off. Personally I think she’s most lacking an upper thigh and possibly a foot swivel. I think that would have helped greatly with posing.

Her limbs are so thin that I’m not sure a bunch more articulation would have benefited her much.

Ninja Turtles April Review

I have seen some customs using Star Wars Clone Wars joints on her, though, so maybe it’s a project I’ll tackle some day when I convince myself she really needs a reason to sit down.

April comes with a bunch of accessories and they’re all really neat and specifically made for her.

For starters she gets the big bo staff that I mentioned in my Donatello review. The rest come on the tree.

She also comes with a wooden sword, which is a neat little accessory as it has wood grain sculpted on it. This is called a Bokken and is used for training. Given that April is training with Splinter, it makes sense. As usual, no paint.

She also has a couple throwing stars.

Her oddest accessory would be a pair of “black eggs”. They look like Easter eggs, but they’re actually designed to be thrown at opponents to blind them.

Next she has a Tonfa, which makes a lot of sense for her to have as a weapon. Fun fact, the Tonfa became the weapon of Mikey in the Next Mutation show because of the controversy over the nunchucks.

“Splinter sent me to train you, *hiccup* on this! LET’S GET EXTREME!”

Finally she has a Kendo stick, also known as a Shinai… Or if you’re hardcore, it’s a Singapore cane!

At $8.99 the Turtles are a no brainer, but how about a girl like April? Well I like her. So many of these secondary characters got a bad reputation by a lot of folks because they don’t have the same articulation. I think April is a decent little figure, made all the more appealing by her buttload of accessories.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 7
Paint – 7
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Bo staff, 2 Shuriken, 2 Black Eggs, Singapore Cane, Tonfa, Practice Sword
Value – 8
Overall – 7 out of 10

April isn’t a perfect figure, but she’s a very solid addition to a nice lineup of toys. I feel like everyone needs at least one April and this one ain’t a bad version. As I’ve said in several other figure reviews for this line, she is the most articulated April O’Neil yet (from Playmates).

Ninja Turtles April O'Neil

She seems great when she’s paired up with the Turtles and if you’re looking to expand to the full TMNT collection, you need this chick!

“WE LOVE YOU APRIL, Don’t you like us?!?”

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