Are you feeling the crunch after plunking down $80 on the new Jon Pertwee 3rd Doctor sets? Well just when you thought it was safe and you wouldn’t have anymore Doctor Who to blow your hard earned money on at least until the new season, WRONG! News has just broke of a brand new Tom Baker Fourth Doctor variant waiting in the wings!

When and where this figure will debut isn’t known but much like the Pertwee Third Doctor story broke earlier this year, details will likely come in closer to it’s arrival. It appears to be being dealt the same way as all other Doctor Who exclusives, which means the UK will get it first and each retailer will sign agreements only to sell it in their region.

Perhaps most baffling about this set is the fact that it’s based on Tom Baker’s Pyramid of Mars outfit, which had a full box set of figures with the original Tom Baker figure released just a few months ago. I had a full review of that set Here. That’s sure to irk some folks that wished this new Tom came with that set, but it probably wouldn’t have cost out.

Regardless, this new Tom looks to run about $25 here in the US but at least he’s not being packed with anything else and doesn’t cost $40! And it’s Tom baker man, you know I must have this. I’ve spoke at length before that Character Options should be doing more Baker variants and it appears they are.

Hopefully all the major retailers will have some information on this figure soon. Doctor Who collecting has been very expensive this past year, but I am glad to see so many excellent figures come out. More Tom Baker goodness is always appreciated.

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  • Bill White says:

    This really has been a great year for DW figures, but OH, my poor wallet!

    We haven’t even seen what the price on the Tesco 3 packs will be when/if they reach the US…

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