I was able to get some photos of the next round of the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles figures due out. What makes these photos interesting, is that they follow the same guideline of “leaked” figures that were revealed earlier this week in an online list. That list, mentioned the Kirby Bat and Squirrelanoid specifically. Also on that list was a Nick Rocksteady and Bebop… So this could be interesting. Of course, it could also mean nothing.

First up is Mutagen Man, who we pretty much knew was coming. Mutagen Man was actually set up in the first season of the show, so we can expect him to be a major character in at least one episode. Perhaps several of Season 2. While he looks okay, he really lacks the fun and gruesome nature of the original. Just compare…

I think the original Mutagen Man is still a lot more fun. I will likely still pick up the new one, but it won’t be as memorable. I do applaud Nick for recreating the character.

Next we have the Kirby Bat. I’m not sure what this character will be all about, but as is typical with the TMNT, it will tie into Jack Kirby in some way. The figure doesn’t look particularly interesting to me. And frankly, a bit grotesque. Maybe he’s an artist who gets turned into a bat?

Lastly we have the Squirrelanoid. This is another character I know nothing about. He could be a mutant, but when I think of mutant squirrels, I’m reminded of mutant squirrel Tromie from Class of Nuke’em High Part 2. The Squirrelanoid also looks a bit like the pepperoni xenomorphs from the classic Turtles episode, “The Case of the Killer Pizzas”. Then again, I used to have that on a Burger King VHS, so maybe I see those guys in lots of places that they really aren’t.

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  • hobgoblin238 says:


  • ElvinCove says:

    Interesting lineup. Mutagen Man isn’t as good as you mentioned, but at the same time, he’s probably the pick of the litter.

  • clark says:

    Pretty unimpressed with all these new reveals. Particularly Mutagen Man. If you’re going to take an older character, but just make him boring, you may as well just create a brand new boring character.

  • Mark says:

    I have lost so much interest in this toy line. I love the show, but the figures just do not appeal to me. The human characters have odd proportions an sculpts and all these other characters look so bland compared to the 80/90’s figures. The new Mutagen man looks so boring compared to the original.

  • MST3KFan says:

    With Mutagen Man, I think we’re seeing what IMO is what the 2012 TMNT is all about character design wise. Simplicity. You look at the original Mutagen Man and the sculpt is just all over the place crazy good. It’s definitely a sign of the times from the late 80s/early 90s where ‘gross’ sold as well as crazy amounts of detail on the sculpts making the figures look more appealing to kids.

    You look at the sculpts of the 2012 TMNT and it’s trying to be simple. No where near as detailed, just like the cartoon. The first versions of the four turtles were amazing sculpts that while they looked like the show versions, they had their own detailed looks. Now all the figures that come out of the four are made to look closer to the show.

    You look at the original toyline and they went crazy with details on the sculpts with all kinds of little details you might have spent time looking all over to see what you could. Figures like the already mentioned Mutagen Man or Muckman come to mind as well Rat King or even characters like Wyrm, Dirtbag, and so on… Not cartoon accurate in a lot of ways, but they had a charm about them that you didn’t care.

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  • Nathaniel says:

    Kirby is April father’s name in the new nick show (and also possibly a tie-in to the Kirby character in the old Mirage books (who was a Jack Kirby homage – and who also had an unusual connection to April’s father.)

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