Character Options has finally unveiled the new season of Doctor Who toys. In the past some have questions Character Options choices, but with Doctor Who toys literally selling so fast that many fans can’t get their hands on them, it’s likely these will prove very popular. CO have chosen some more unique characters this time around. Let’s take a look at them, in addition to the re-release of the Doctor, the lineup includes:

No real surprise that we would get Amy Pond. Thankfully we don’t have to wait for the new companion, she’s readily available and front and center in this first assortment. I suspect Amy will prove particularly popular as she has already carved out a niche of fans for herself.

The last of the old Daleks. Known as the Ironside Dalek. I’m sure Raymond Burr would be proud. Some were worried that CO might not produce this figure, but I’m certainly glad they did. I quite liked this design of Dalek and I think it adds for some interest.

From that very same story comes the Dalek cyborg scientist. No doubt in my mind that Professor Bracewell will be one of those character choices that will make many fans scratch their head in puzzlement. Whatever the case, I’m excited to have this figure because it’s another more civilian type that I could probably use.

One of the new Daleks seems like a no brainer release. This red version will likely be followed by a variety of rainbow repaints. I don’t really love this design of Dalek, but given my weakness for the aliens, I’ll probably end up with a few.

The original Weeping Angels were very popular, so these regenerating editions will likely be popular as well.

Finally we have Peter Winder and Hawthorne from that episode earlier this season. These two seem like an odder choice, but they do have the rotating heads apparently. All of these figures are supposed to be released around the end of July. They aren’t Classics figures, so their numbers will likely be greater produced, but as always with Who, allocations may end up striking so you’d better order them fast.

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  • zedd1986 says:

    I hope that whenever CO starts making companions for the Classics, that they start off with Ace…that body they have for Amy Pond would make a great reuse if they were wanting to save a bit of money

  • No doubt, they could use parts of that for Ace. I hope for Classic companions as well.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    If there's one thing I've learned from Doctor Who is that you can't have too many Daleks! Amy should be a popular figure and probably the first of several versions. Haven't seen the new season since I don't get BBC America, so I'll Wiki them for info but they do look cool. The rotating head feature hasn't been done in ages! I always dug it. I hope the Classic companions get some love down the line.

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