Night Shadow Leo

Playmates has unofficially revealed a new Turtle variant figure coming out this fall. It’s called Night Shadow Leonardo and is just a repaint of the basic Nickelodeon style figure. Nothing revolutionary by any means, but it’s a special collectors item from Playmates. This alone is pretty big news to me. All indication seems to say this will be a website limited exclusive, so don’t worry about it clogging pegs.

Playmates hasn’t done any real collector stuff in a while and although this figure isn’t exactly inspiring, it does show that maybe Playmates will do more with the Turtles this time around than just basic releases. Playmates was one of the first companies to really get into doing neat variants and collector items back in the original TMNT lines, but as the years went on they really seemed to stop paying attention to the collector market entirely.

This figure is based off the original promo art for the upcoming Nick cartoon. Thus far only Leo is known and no price is attached at the moment. I don’t know if I’d buy this figure, but it is kind of a neat one off. Similar to the black and white NECA Turtles. Hopefully there are even neater things on the horizon. I could get behind a variety of fun repaints, like painted pads, etc…

TMNT Dark Horizons

It also sort of reminds me of the new Nickelodeon Turtles Dark Horizons game. That game is not bad for a little cheap web game, actually. Could Dark Horizons variants be in the future? For now, I’m just excited that Playmates is gearing up to do something with the Turtles again.

Spoke with Playmates this morning and their official word is that this is going to be for sale at the Nick SDCC Booth:

“Yes, at SDCC in the Nickelodeon booth it will be for sale, only the Leonardo figure and not the others.”

I have my doubts that it’ll only be at SDCC, given that it’s up on the Playmates website, but only time will tell.

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