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Some photos of Playmates new TMNT movie figures have snuck out. The Michael Bay produced Turtles movie has been doomed from the start, but even if you had some hope that at least the designs of the titular heroes might be good, think again. These photos give us our best look at the designs to date. They’re easily the worst versions of the TMNT ever created. It’s like the Jim Lee Turtles had sex with the Next Mutation Turtles and then were mutated by a radioactive turd. Yes, they’re that bad.

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It’s clear that the problem here isn’t Playmates, but rather the designs themselves. Even though the 1990 movie was done with much more rudimentary technology, they managed to capture the essence of the TMNT. These new desgins look terrible, not only in form, but function. The Turtles all have odd shaped bodies, different sized heads and of course, layers of clothes.

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Oh and I almost forgot, the Turtles are apparently giants now. Some movie stills show the TMNT towering over April and other humans. It’s as if the guy behind this movie was intentionally trying to strip away all the elements that were recognizable while still leaving just enough to lure in nostalgia fans and unsuspecting kids. Oh right, Michael Bay.

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For what it’s worth, the figures themselves also look terrible. The articulation seems almost non-existent. This could be an early draft, but I’m guessing it’s closer to the final figures. So why do they look so bad? I get the feeling that even Playmates knows these designs won’t sell and that the movie will cause a fan revolt and they want to focus more of their efforts on the popular Nick TMNT figures.

I am cringing at the thought of this movie actually seeing the light of day. The Turtles are getting so popular right now that it’s the PERFECT time for a well done movie to hit. Unfortunately, what we’re getting is the exact opposite.

12 Responses to New Ninja Turtles Movie Toys Are Terrible

  • clark says:

    These new designs are just too “hip” for me. It’s like the movie-makers decided it would be fun making the turtles look like some variant figures from the 90s.
    Also, the articulation on these just seems awful. Swivel knees?

  • Mark says:

    I like the fact they are all individual looking but the actual figures are awful looking. Possibly the worst TMNT figures ever made.

  • rgallows says:

    I really really hope the current show survives this movie. I’d really hate for everything to get tossed aside to sell the movie toys.

  • Dorais says:

    Hopefully they look better in action..?
    Oh who I am I kidding, this is Michael Bay we’re talking about.

  • Jarred706 says:

    There’s also a strong chance that these are the larger kid’s figures designed with mostly just action features, as opposed to the typical Turtle scale figures. Plus supposedly there will be figures targeted towards collectors, which may be better…or could just be grasping for hope…

    As far as the Turtles seeming like giants, that could simply be the mo-cap suits, and they could get shrunk down for the film.

    • Newton says:

      I agree about the mo-cap suits, the problem is that set photos have shown up of the guys in trenchoat disguises and those tower over April. If they were going to digitally modify them to be smaller, why wouldn’t they use smaller stunt suits and trenchcoats? I guess we’ll have to see, but I suspect someone thought it’d be cooler if they were hulking giants.

  • Black Arbor says:

    I dunno, I don’t mind these designs. I mean, I hear people whining that they’re all different sizes, but since they were, y’know, MUTATED, I can unsterstand that they turn out differently from each other. And I kinda like their piecemeal looks, it’s kinda like they grabbed whatever fit from donation bins and dumpsters. Plus, and this is my same argument for Superior SPider-Man naysayers, these guys have been around for a while, guys, they’ve gotta change things up a bit to keep it fresh! I’m not saying the movie is gonna be great (in fact, it’ll probably be terrible), but at least the designs are decent.

    • Newton says:

      The problem is, the designs have been freshened up before. Just taking them to CG real life designs would freshen them up. The Nick Turtles all have different sizes and such, but it’s within the realm. This is just, ick.

      I don’t mind the odd bit of “dumpster” stuff here or there, but this just seems too much. And the oddball limbs and head sizes just seems bizarre to me.

  • MST3KFan says:

    These TMNT look more EXTREME 90s roided up superhero than the 90s TMNT ever did. Even in the Image comic days.

    I guess the people who designed the turtles also feel people are going to be too stupid to know which turtle is which by making them as stereotypical over the top in appearance rather than just stick with the colored bandanas. I think anyone that is even a casual fan would know Michelangelo is the one in orange with the nunchukus. He doesn’t need the pants, the shoes, the beads and all that to drill home he’s the ‘party/surfer’ one.

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