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So a poster over at 4Chan has leaked some internal purchasing screens from Walmart that give us a good idea of what’s coming up in the next batch of Ninja Turtle toy releases. Historically these Walmart computer charts have been quite accurate, although there have been odd things here or there through the years. However, these TMNT figures sound pretty succinct and make sense with what has been shown in the TV show to this point.

One of the new items is Ooze/Mutagen. This is already hitting shelves at Toys R Us across the country, giving us some confirmation that this list is accurate but also that these products may not be that far away. Also on the list is Baxter, Snakeweed, Leatherhead and Rat King. No surprise to any of those, although Rat King hasn’t yet debuted in the cartoon.

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Perhaps more interesting is the listing for “Cockroach” which I can only assume is a work in progress name for an as of yet unseen mutant. Also on the list is something called the Newtralizer, which we also don’t know anything about yet. Rounding things out is Spider Bytes and two new versions of Shredder and Splinter, simply listed as 2. One would hope that these are improved versions from the first Shredder and Splinter figures. I’d love some more articulation and such, but for all we know these could be some sort of “wacky action” versions. There’s also potential for them to Hamato Yoshi or Saki, but if that were true, I’d assume they’d be listed as such.


Of course the big news for most folks is the listing for a 7 pack of Mousers. Or M.O.U.S.E.R.S. as they were in the new Nickelodeon show. This isn’t too much of a surprise to me and we’ll have to wait and see if they actually hit shelves. Remember that a 6 pack of Mousers was advertised for the 2K2 line, but never ended up making shelves. Speaking of which, I fully expect these new Mousers to be repaints, if not complete retreads of those figures. I don’t really need anymore of them, as you can see from the photo above… But at $8 a pop, it might be hard to resist.

With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being bar none, the hottest boy’s toy on the market today, I suspect that the releases will begin to flood the market fast and furious within the new year. I couldn’t be more excited and I hope that Playmates is up to the task. Hopefully they don’t get greedy and put out quality product, which will help secure the Turtles a strong foothold in the marketplace for years to come.

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  • I cant wait for the Mouser pack, Rat King, and Hopefully an articulated Splinter.

    My friend brought up the fact that theres still no Casey though.

    • Newton says:

      Casey isn’t supposed to show up until Season 2, so that’s probably why we haven’t seen anything on him yet. I suspect he’ll hit closer to the second season.

  • Jeff Brzozowski says:

    Haven’t seen the ooze in stores yet (I’m in Michigan) but have seen photos. Really looking forward to the scarecrowesque redesign of rat king. Looks like a wraith/zombie that roams the sewers. Creepy! Wondering how the figures will translate to the scale of the turtles. Leather head was massive on the show. Will he be scaled back/down in comparison to the turtles? Loving the show, loving the line and glad my kids will have it as part of their childhoods, not just mine. (:

    • Newton says:

      I suspect they’ll be sort of scaled, but not show accurate in size. Dogpound size or so I’d say on bigger characters.

  • Black Arbor says:

    Geez Newt, did you break into a Playmates factory to steal all those Mousers? 🙂

  • Jeff Brzozowski says:

    Wonder how/if they are going to do a general traag figure since he’s supposed to 28 ft tall in the show (as seen in character sketches) ?

    • Newton says:

      I expect he’ll be regular size too. I find that a lot of the characters in the new show are gigantic just for the sake of being gigantic. In that sense, I’m kind of glad the figures are smaller.

  • Mark says:

    I REALLY hope that they include the original turtles in new cases because I neglected to pick up Raph and Mikey and now the figures are gone.

    • Newton says:

      I’m thinking they will. Although there was talk of them getting new head sculpts. I kind of feel bad for anyone who didn’t get some of the early batches because once they sold out everywhere, Playmates kicked it into overdrive for the holidays and the paint applications on those later batches was pretty bad.

      I don’t blame Playmates for rushing the figures out, but it meant a lot of figures with bad paint applications. I was glad that I bought a couple of sets early on, when the paint was sharp.

  • Philip Reed says:

    I found four of the new figures at Walmart and there was a massive restock of the original figures in the line so I think everyone still has a good chance at finding them.

  • Jeff Brzozowski says:

    Just found the mutagen ooze canisters at Meijer! Pics to come!

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