NECA has released details and pictures on how the non-SDCC exclusive versions of April will look. Surprisingly both variants will come with a mouser and a battle damaged mouser like the SDCC exclusive. There are two colors to choose from. Three if you count the SDCC exclusive.

The Yellow version seems like a no brainer. April wore yellow all through the original cartoon. Of course these figures are supposed to be based off of the Mirage comics, but April in yellow is probably her most “famous” look.

Interesting. Wasn’t expecting the green. There is a fairly rare green jumpsuit April that came with the Channel 6 news van back in the day. This pays homage to the original Playmates figures as there was a yellow one and a green one in that series. Now to paint a Channel 6 news badge on her.

Of course if you’re looking for the truly comic accurate April O’Neil you’ll need to track down the SDCC exclusive version. One has to wonder why the most accurate version is the exclusive as I imagine it would sell better than the green one, but that’s NECA’s call not mine.

I may end up picking up all three just to support the line, but we’ll see. While I appreciate NECA giving us an update on April, I really want some news on the Shredder and the Foot. With Playmates cancelling their comic inspired line, I definitely want to get my hands on the NECA stuff.

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