Ringside Collectibles has announced their newest Mattel WWE exclusive figure. Ringside does a couple of these a year. The latest is an nWo version of the Macho Man. The first promo shot of the figure went up today.

Personally I love it, but as is typical with these exclusives, the $30 price tag hurts. No word if Macho Man comes with anything more than what’s shown here, but I was a big fan of the nWo era of Macho Man as it revived his career allowing him to become a dangerous and wild heel again. He’ll also go great with the upcoming DDP figure. The Madness was great… Shame he doesn’t come with an alternate Madness shirt.

The big news is that the figure has a new head sculpt. It looks good thus far, but we’ll have to see if without the hat and glasses to know how good it is for sure. You may remember I was critical of the Original Macho Man figure head. It was decent, but not the greatest likeness.

You can pre-order the figure over at Ringside Collectibles now.

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  • Mario says:

    Not bad… did you end up getting their Macho King exclusive? I don't recall a review on that one.

  • Nope I didn't pick him up. I might eventually. It felt a bit too much like a repaint for $30 to me.

  • oansun says:

    I was about to jump on here and complain about having the first NWO Mattel being Macho Man (even if I'm a HUGE Macho Man fan). But you mention that it makes a nice compliment to DDP and you're totally right, crisis averted. I am also glad we're getting a new head sculpt, I'd like to see it without the glasses. C'mon ringside!!
    But, just because I'm ridiculous, I wanted a Scott Hall NwO figure first, and have each come chronologically (except Hogan because he had a divorce and didn't sign a pre-nub). BUT, this Savage looks really nice so far.
    I ordered the Bret Ringside exclusive today, so hopefully I'll have him in a week or two (I don't mind dropping $30 on a bret with that awesome jacket. Still hate the long knee pads, but I guess I have to live with it/remove them and put on JAKKS pads.

  • I'm going to ask them about the huge pads in my next Q&A.

  • oansun says:


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