The fine folks over at Hasbro were kind enough to send me some photos of some of their new 2010 product. Today I’m going to take a look at some of the new Marvel stuff coming down the pike. Simply click the picture to view the full size. Let’s take a look shall we?

First up we have the awesome new Marvel Universe Skrull figure. This one looks like a real winner to me. I can expect this guy to be a hot seller. I love his futuristic alien weaponry.

Next we have the Iron Spider-Man. I didn’t much care for this character originally, but I must admit that the Marvel Universe version looks quite swank. I need this guy, like yesterday. I can imagine he would have been really popular with me when I was a kid as well, so youngsters will likely love it.

Here’s the Iron Patriot figure. Looks like mostly a repaint, but a solid one none the less. There might be some new sculpting in there as well. It’s timely with Iron Man taking over everything in the toy aisle for the next few months.

New pictures of the final MU Mary Jane Watson and man, something got lost along the way. She looks animated or something, now.

Finally we have the Winter Soldier, who is also looking quite sweet. Shows that there could be some potential for a neat MU Cable.

Hasbro appears to be doing something completely different for their next round of Secret Wars comic packs. Simply calling them “Greatest Battles” comic packs and no longer focusing on Secret Wars. Also including the same comic with several packs. It’s a strange marketing strategy, especially since they’re still coming with Secret Wars comics. UPDATE! Apparently these will include Uncanny X-Men #175 and Dark Avengers #1.

I don’t really get it, but whatever. That Dark Phoenix looks sweet, though I wish her eyes were red. Looks like I might have to make her a custom.

Finally here’s some other odds and ends stuff that I thought someone might be interested in…

A new Iron Fist and Spider-man pack for the Superhero Squad.

And some sort of Spider-man “triple battle truck” for the kiddies. I dig the clone-esque Spider-man costume on that one.

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