A new Indiana Jones figure is in the works from Disney. It’s supposed to be in a 7 inch scale and looks a little different than any other Indy figure they’ve produced. The figure (not shown above, that’s a previous Disney Exclusive Indy) will likely feature a decent likeness as has the previous efforts by Walt Disney. The theme park exclusive Indiana Jones figures have been pretty successful for Disney as they’ve made no less than 3 official Indy figures, with a few other various versions like Mickey as Indy.

Today also marks nearly a year since Hasbro officially denounced the “comic pack” Indy figures that were supposedly revealed at last year’s SDCC. As it turns out, this was a hoax. I’m not sure if anyone ever took credit for the hoax, nor do I know why anyone would go through the trouble of making one.

In a Q&A around this time last year, though, Hasbro officially said they had nothing to do with them and they wouldn’t be revisiting Indy without another movie. Speaking of, according to Shia LaBeouf another movie is in the works. Maybe we’ll get these figures yet. In the meantime, Dr. Jones fans will have an exclusive Disney Indy to keep them busy.

4 Responses to New Indiana Jones Toy and News

  • Lt_Clutch says:

    That hoax bummed me out on any hope of getting more Indy figures. Can't believe it's only been a year. The Hasbro Indy line came and went by so fast, blink and you missed it…

  • Wes says:

    Around here, it felt like the Hasbro Indy line pegwarmed forever. šŸ˜› I picked up a Shia (he hangs with my Transformers) for a dollar, for crying out loud! šŸ˜€

  • The line bombed unfortunately, which was a shame there was a lot of good stuff in it. If those comic packs had just been real, I would have felt like the Indy line was complete. The poor painting of Wave 1 coupled with an overstock of unpopular characters doomed it. I think had the first wave been painted better and the releases came more frequent and with less Shia on the front end… It could have lasted a bit longer. Not a long time, but a decent run. The best figures in the series never really saw release, which is a shame.

  • Tomcat says:

    Would you believe that i only need 1 more figure to complete the intire set and that figure is the Temple Guard (Temple of Doom) and that was it… The Temple of Doom Figures i got a last year's SDCC and i payed $25.00 each for three figures, Indy w/Sword, Mola Ram & Short-Round… Already got the Chief Temple Guard & Willie Scott on Ebay when i heard they were doing a forth Wave i was so stoked.

    Then i heard the Shocking news that Hasbro was canning the Figures altogether- there was so many characters that Hasbro left out, Marion with the white Gown, Toht, German Mechanic ETC. so it was just a hoax??? when i look back at that i was so disapointed on the INDIANA JONES series and thought what a great line it would be if they continued just like the success of the Star Wars figure line.

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