Hasbro was kind enough to send along some new beauty shots of upcoming releases and rather than beat you over the head with all of them, I’m just posting up a few I think are cool. Starting with this Thanos. I haven’t bought a lot of MU lately, but I have picked a few here or there. Thanos looks really cool and is definitely a must buy. He comes with an extra fist hand, which I whole heartedly approve of.

Constrictor is hardly a super popular character in the Marvel Universe and that’s one of the things I really love about Hasbro’s 3 3/4 line. They’ve given us a great selection of characters in a short amount of time. His translucent whip things look pretty spiffy. He’s not a must have, but I don’t think since the very early days of Toy Biz have we seen this kind of character selection.

On that same note, you can round out your Wrecking Crew with this guy. It’s pretty wild to have all these guys in plastic form after so long. Even the most cynical collector can appreciate that.

I’m starting to give a little love to Transformers around these parts, so I thought I’d show off a couple of these guys as well. Double Clutch here looks pretty neat. He’s made up of the Rally Bots and I think this one is already hitting some stores. He can interact with other Mini-Cons too.

I’m not much of a fan of this movie Starscream though. He looks alright, but seems like some paint details are missing or something.

But on the flip side, this guy looks absolutely bad ass.

Lots of new Pursuit of Cobra items are on their way. What I’ve seen so far, I like. I was able to score Cobra Commander a while back, but I dig this updated new Recondo too. I don’t think Recondo has ever really gotten much in the way of updates and this is a fine updated figure for him. I love all the gear that POC figures come with too.

The new VAMP doesn’t quite look as cool as the old one, but it definitely has the modern military feel. Clutch is also a guy who hasn’t gotten many updated figures and this one definitely looks pretty cool. It’s like Clutch if he was fighting in the Iraq war, or something.

The new AWE Striker is slightly less exciting though. I guess this mold can be used a few more times, but I would have liked it if they tried a little harder.

I’m a sucker for arctic vehicles though. I passed on the last few, so I definitely think I’ll be picking this one up. We get a lot of snow around me and I just have to get out there this year with my Joes and take some pictures. I think I saw this at Toys R Us the other night, but I’m not crazy about the pack-in figure.

I saw this and it’s Joe counterpart at Target the other night. While I’m not the biggest fan of GI Joe e-frames, I do dig the driver on this. Even though he’s got some serious frankenjoe parts going on, he just looks awesome. Cobra guys sometimes just hit all the right spots and that’s definitely what this guy does.

So will you be buying any of Hasbro’s new offerings?

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