Target already had a nice lineup of Rise of Cobra, GI Joe exclusives but now they have even more. I can’t wait til these things start hitting. Check out the new items below:

Wet-Suit with Dragonfish
Air-Viper with Rocket Pack
Cobra Viper Commando with Serpent Armor
Storm Shadow with Arashikage Cycle

The Serpent Armor is indeed the old S.N.A.K.E. armor from the 1980’s. One of the first real GI Joe items of it’s kind. The armor hasn’t been rereleased in many years so this will definitely get fans excited.

The new “Serpent” armor is colored in black as opposed to the original white. The Cobra Viper Commando it comes with looks quite good as well. The rest of the sets also look quite good, especially the Wet-Suit. For more pics check out the thread over at HISS TANK.

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