They just keep coming… No, not the Cybermen… DOCTOR WHO FIGURES! I just realized last night that I’m over $130 behind in new Doctor Who Classics figures and that’s not including any army building or current Doctor Who figures. So of course, today a new Doctor Who Cyberman set has been announced. This harkens back to a Tom Baker 4th Doctor story with Sarah Jane Smith. As usual, this looks like a great set. I do like that Character options have decided to give us a small army here, with a leader and two drones. Plus a new Cybermat. These should be released here in the US soon. I suspect with even more crap on the way. NO END IN SIGHT DOCTOR WHO FANS!

3 Responses to New Doctor Who Cybermen Figure Set

  • Bill says:

    Eek! I feel like a broken record, but Character Options is killing me! Hey Newton, any NEW Doctor Who figure reviews coming up? I'd like to hear your opinion on the 11 Doctor set (if you have it, that is).

  • Wes says:

    Oh SNAP~! The Invasion Cyberman is one of the few figures I missed that I wanted, and I've been PISSED that I haven't been able to get one… and then they do this! I don't exactly want three, but maybe I'll be able to sell/trade the duplicate one. YAY!

  • With any luck Bill, I plan on reviewing quite a few Doctor Who figures in the next few weeks. I do have the 11 Doctors set and plan on reviewing that too, but I haven't decided if I want to do one big review or split it up over a few days. Whatever the case, 11 figures seems like such a daunting task that I haven't quite tackled it yet.

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