Lots of new Doctor Who toys announced today, although only one classic. The new classic release is another Delgado Master with his infamous Tardis computer. It looks like a nice set, but seeing as I already have that version of the Master, it may not be picked up by me. However, I would totally army build old school 60’s computers playsets!

Forbidden Planet has all the details on the rest of the figures. I’d go over them all here, but it’s just easier for you to click that link I’d think. Nothing too exciting to be honest, just characters from the first half of this season. The only really interesting choice is a young Amy Pond.

I doubt I’ll be getting any of these figures, sadly. The Doctor in the cowboy hat does nothing for me. Of all the figures, I like to Ood best… And I certainly don’t need another Ood. I’ve been fairly let down this season thus far, with the exception of Neil Gaiman’s episode this past weekend. I found that episode decent, but not as revolutionary as others have. Hopefully the SDCC exclusives are announced soon.

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  • Joseph Tages says:

    I'm watching "Terror of the Autons" on the laptop, it's actually the part where The Master tries to strangle The Doctor via phone cord. LOL. That is a fun scene. I don't think I'd get another Roger Delgado figure, but that TARDIS computer would make for a great diorama. Funny how the new season is letting people down, I just heard from a friend who loves the new Who and he stopped watching halfway through this week's installment. First time he's done that. I'm wondering if Matt Smith will ever match David Tennant's popularity at this rate. I think they'll need to tone down the character to Pertwee levels at some point or the audience might shrink some more. BTW: Happy B-Day!

  • Thanks for the B-Day wishes.

    I haven't asked the GF, but I wonder if she is feeling the same way or if it's only us older Who fans who are disappointed? I dunno, I just haven't cared for this season at all. It's not been horrible, but it just hasn't won me over. The Gaiman episode was good, but not great, IMO.

    I'm right along with you on the Delgado set. I would totally buy a bunch of those computers. I could see them as dio pieces in so much stuff… But I'm not sure I'm willing to pay the $40 or so it'd be in the US for dio pieces. Maybe if they get clearanced!

    I do like that they added in a couple of other accessories.

  • Bill says:

    Thanks for the link, Newton. These toys are a big "Yawn" for me. The Cowboy Doctor doesn't look "right", and I would have like a Silent packed with an additional head, instead of having to buy two separate figures. The computer with the Master DOES look neat, though. I may have trouble passing that up…

    Happy Birthday, BTW!

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